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Chauhan's History
Chauhan's History In connection with the salutation and expansion of the Chauhans in the first chapter, we saw that by the last phase of the 12th century, their power had become strong and their kingdom had spread from the place of Shreshteshwar towards Jahapur Mewar and the feudal lords of many nearby Chauhans. He had become the honorable power...
History of Rajput kings
The History of Rajput kings succeeded in their respective dynasty's campaign from local or mutual warriors, thus, due to the continuous efforts of the period of about 4 century, a Rajput domicile could decide the floor of their totals but in this era And after that, they had to face external invasions in which were more terrible than local...
History Of Rajasthan
History Of Rajasthan state of women, the prevalence of the practice of multiple marriages and grief after the birth of a daughter, shows how high a woman's place is in the society Gyan Panchami Katha and Upi Mati, there are such mentions that there is more number of daughters in hell. It was considered as a stay to have...
Ajivasan Carpet Society and Culture
Ajivasan Carpet Society and Culture Incredibly, our knowledge of society and culture from the eighth century to the 12th century is extremely limited, in this regard, we can only collect some material from the inscriptions, idol fragments, and clear instructions of the literary texts, on the basis of the condition of the society of women of that time. The...
Rajput Rule and Society
Rajput Rule and Society Although the contents of the discussion about the governance of Rajasthan of this era is not particularly available, yet there are such signs in the inscriptions of that time, in the letters of donation and literature texts, through which the people can prepare the system of governance. It is worth noting that this type of...
Rathore's History
Rathore's history Apart from the other Rajput dynasty conventions and state extensions described above, there were other Rajput dynasties in Rajasthan who established their states at different places, including Bhati Chavda and Kachwaha. Rathore's History The Jaisalmer dynasty is in the Bhati branch of the Chandravanshi Yadavas of the Rajputs. The original man of this dynasty may be a bhati, which...
Prithviraj Chauhan Biography
The Prithviraj Chauhan biography and origin of the word 'chahman' is related to the related words of each letter of the word Chahaman by Jayanak in which it indicates that the arc from f is new to the arc, h to green, m is new to the value and not. The characteristics of his early talent, at least, indicate...
The gangaur festival is a very famous festival in Rajasthan and is used to be celebrated mainly in north Indian state especially in the Rajasthan and some parts of this Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Gujrat. The festivals commence on the first of the day of the Chitra according to the Purnima schools and to be the continues...
Parmar of Jalore
The word Parmar means to kill the enemy, which makes the names of the Rajputs of this dynasty related to their regional right religion. Initially, they lived in the surrounding regions of the atom which lost power per necklace. The political influence of the atom increased and gradually they established their states from Marwar to Gujarat Bagad Malwa etc. Abu's...
Gohill Domicile of anti-regression and degradation
Gohill Domicile of anti-regression and degradation, the greeting period of the pratihar is also very ancient, it is very difficult to say where they were initially settled, but the mentions of their relationship are mostly found in Rajasthan, which can be estimated that they have established their state first in Rajasthan, the inscription of Jodhpur proves that the greetings...


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