Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla

Murshidabad History - Suja-ud-Daulla

Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla After the death of Suja, his son Ganga became the lord of Marwar because Surya’s son was killed during the ascent of Bada Sojat in 1510 AD, at the time when Rao Ganga ascended the throne, at that time in the state of Marwar, Jodhpur Phalodi was in the class of … Read more

Bikaner 534th Foundation Day

Bikaner 534th Foundation Day

Bikaner 534th Foundation Day Bikaner.Panerai Paathalve Sud Baisakh Sumer, Thavar Beej Thap_yo BK Bikaner Rao Bika’s Av, Bikaner, the city of Ganga Baba’s Red Army and Jai Jangdhar Badshah, today established its 534th  Celebrating day Rao Bika founded Bikaner in the year 1545 on the third date of Baisakh month. What? Bikaner 534th Foundation Day … Read more

Shiv Bari Temple Bikaner

Shiv Bari Temple Bikaner

Worked of red sandstone in the nineteenth century, best visit in Rajasthan Shiv Bari haven is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The asylum builds up a four-shaded dull marble statue of Lord Shiva and a bronze Nandi standing up to the Shiva Lingam. There are two huge water stores brought backward which are arranged inside the … Read more

Camel Festival, Bikaner

International Camel Festival, Bikaner Composed in the respect of the ship of the desert, the Camel Festival is an astounding celebration celebrated in Bikaner. Much the same as different festivals of Rajasthan, this celebration commences with incredible pageantry and show. Praised each year in the wonderful January, the Camel Festival is a two-day long issue … Read more

Gangaur celebration in Rajasthan

Gangaur celebration in Rajasthan  Gangaur is brilliant and a standout amongst the most essential celebrations of individuals of Rajasthan and is watched all through the state with extraordinary intensity and dedication by womenfolk who love Gauri, the spouse of Lord Shiva amid March– April. It is the festival of spring, collect and conjugal constancy. Gana … Read more

It a unique foundation in India

Camel herders : The key destinations of NRCC are camel reproducing and wellbeing, use of camel milk. furthermore, its results like frozen yogurt made of it, which makes it a unique foundation in India. The ranch is a complex of camel stables, walled in areas and structures. Researchers connect with all partners like Camel herders, … Read more

The Royal Residence Lalgarh Palace – Bikaner

Lalgarh Palace : Lalgarh Palace is a royal residence and legacy inn in Bikaner in the Indian province of Rajasthan, worked for Sir Ganga Singh, Maharaja of Bikaner, somewhere in the range of 1902 and 1926. Laxmi Niwas Palace is a piece of Lalgarh Palace however it has been given on rent and as of … Read more

Temple Of Shri Laxminath – Bikaner

Shri Laxminath Temple Bikaner : Shri Laxminath is one of the most established sanctuaries of Bikaner. It graces the consecrated sanctum of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. Other than the lovely icon, this sanctuary is adorned with perfect work of art in silver. Celebrations like Janmashtami, Nirjala Ekadashi, Ramnavami, Diwali, and Geeta Jayanti are significantly … Read more

The fortress houses various sanctuaries and royal residences.

Top 15 places to visit in Bikaner : 1. Awesome Place to visit in Bikaner – Junagarh Fort  The Junagarh Fort was built in 1593 as the home to Raja Rai Singh. The fortress houses various sanctuaries and royal residences.  The Karan Mahal, Anup Mahal, Chandra Mahal, and Phool Mahal are some prominent spots to … Read more

Bikaner In The Territory Of Jangladesh

Preceding the mid-fifteenth century, the locale that is presently Bikaner was a fruitless wild called Bangali. Rao Bika built up the city of Bikaner in 1488. He was the main child of Maharaja Rao Jodha of the Rathor faction, the organizer of Jodhpur, and vanquished the to a great extent parched nation in the north … Read more