Bikaner 534th Foundation Day Bikaner.Panerai Paathalve Sud Baisakh Sumer, Thavar Beej Thap_yo BK Bikaner Rao Bika’s Av, Bikaner, the city of Ganga Baba’s Red Army and Jai Jangdhar Badshah, today established its 534th  Celebrating day Rao Bika founded Bikaner in the year 1545 on the third date of Baisakh month. What? Bikaner 534th Foundation Day This is the first time in 533 years of the establishment of Bikaner when the townspeople are in their homes Celebrating the founding day of the city. Of the ongoing lock-down of the threat of coronavirus infection

Bikaner 534th Foundation Day

Bikaner 534th Foundation Day The reason people are at home. Road, from market to street to street, is a delta. Corona virus infection does not spread Therefore, this time there is also a ban on flying kites and donations. Junagadh on the day of establishment of the city, Laminath In the city including the temple, in the city, its size and the size of the city and the city of Yashogan Bikaner 534th Foundation Day This time the ban on the girls who have become friends in the open sky has also been stopped this time. Bikaner 534th Foundation Day Kite Manjhon is closed and the boat is at six, Bikaner 534th Foundation Day the Ganjayammana camp is also stopped. Rao In the city including Bikinathi Tekri, Junagadh, including the temple of Laminath Public programs to be held are also not happening due to corona this time. Bikaner was founded on this day, this time the townspeople in their homes In the food of cucumber tamarind with traditional food.

When in Bikaner, do attend the Camel festival. Bikaner 534th Foundation Day The best time to be in Rajasthan in January. You get to participate in the kite flying festival (14th Jan) in Jaipur as well as enjoy a very different and exciting Camel festival in Bikaner.

The camel festival in Bikaner is celebrated around 10th January every year. This time it will begin on 11 and end on the 12th of January 2021.

Background of the festival:

Bikaner 534th Foundation Day Besides the various elements of Bikaner, the camel holds a significant place. Camel is just not considered Bikaner 534th Foundation Day the mode of transportation in this desert region but is also a base of living for people here. The locals here trade camels in exchange for money and goods. Camel reflects the status; it is a foundation of trade and finance in Bikaner.

Bikaner 534th Foundation Day The Camel festival is officially organized by the government here with an intention to promote tourism. They say it is a successful mélange of heritage and culture in Bikaner. The festival is simply a way of locals paying tribute to Bikaner 534th Foundation Day the animal without whom surviving in the desert town would have been impossible. The festival is celebrated in many other small regions of Rajasthan, but the famous one is of Bikaner only.

Bikaner 534th Foundation Day

Bikaner 534th Foundation Day Back in ancient times, Bikaner 534th Foundation Day Bikaner was the only camel breeding region. Do you know the camels that used to breed and trained in this region were enrolled in the Indian army? The people of the nearby area still bring camels to this breeding region every year.

Celebration of Bikaner Camel festival:

Bikaner 534th Foundation Day

Bikaner 534th Foundation Day What do you expect at this festival, a bunch of camels here and there? No, the scene is spectacular when uncountable camels perform or parade against the backdrop of Junagarh Fort.  The highlights of the festival are:

Camel beauty pageants: Jewelry, anklets, shawls and whatnot, the camels are decorated from head to to be :

  • Camel race
  • Traditional folk and music dance performances
  • Other traditional games and programs conducted for tourists

An array of stalls:

A fair is incomplete without shopping. There are numerous stalls that sell souvenirs of Rajasthan, delicacies made of camel milk, as well as other exclusive products.

On day one there is an honorary camel ride and Bikaner city camel safari. Bikaner 534th Foundation Day The festival is inaugurated with an army band performance. Later several competitions between camels and other activities take place. The entire day passes by with all such events, and once when the sun sets, the ground becomes an open-air theatre. Beautiful musical and dance performances happen and post these the night desert sky gets illuminated with magnificent firework.

If you want you can stay in the camping tents there to imbibe the feel of the desert, or you can head to the nearby motels.

Other must-do activities in Bikaner:

  1. Stay in luxurious Laxmi Niwas Palace.
  2. Take a tour to Jain and Hindu temples around the city.
  3. Shop for pottery, textiles, handicrafts, trinkets, etc. from the local bazaars
  4. Go for camel safari to see the daily life of people.