First War of Tarain War 1991

Prithviraj War In 1191 AD, Mohammad Ghori proceeded with great preparation to take Kabarvind who succeeded in supporting Banana to fight Prithviraj and the two soldiers reached Prithviraj in Karnal district. Prithviraj reached Gauri. Although the army cost and damaged the South Councilor, the Turkish army continued to fight; Gauri also fought his own good against the king of Delhi, Govind Rai, which brought out his two teeth. Rai hit my song in such a way that Sultan Song was badly Wounded from it, there was a stampede of the remaining soldiers who escaped to save their lives with the Sultan, and keeping them all reached Ghazni, Prithviraj also took away the fortress of Tabarhind from Qazi Ziauddin and took Ajmer as a prisoner. He went to Jaipur from where he was given the money and returned to Ghazni. It is said that while the running Sultan was passing near Jammu, a delegation of the king met him, which gave him great solace in the time of objection.

The war of the First Tarain is a great event of the defeat of the Turks. Perhaps the invaders had to experience such a defeat for the first time, but as Minhaj writes that soon the army of Turks who had fled from the field went ahead and became related. Kushal reached Ghazni, though the first battle of Tarain in the war fought against the arguments is a proud chapter of Hindu victory, but the mistake made in this war is a tarnished question of Indian religion, Prithviraj never tried to make this subject a To be made a permanent victory,Prithviraj War he was overwhelmed by the joy of victory, he defeated the defeated soldiers who were in a chaotic state. Some people consider Prithviraj War this to be the generosity of Prithviraj, but Dr. Dasaratha Sharma, while doubting him, writes that though the rendering of generosity is Hindu Prithviraj War It is found in the scriptures, but in the combination of such generosity which is not in the rules of the soldier, in the Muslim war system, it will actually be considered a gross mistake. Prithviraj War  On the contrary, it is a huge enemy in the kidnapping of Sanyogita and taking the position of Kannauj. Pitted against you Otherwise, Kannauj could have been a great help at the time of the second invasion of Mohammed Gauri, not only that, after getting married by coincidence, Prithviraj started to appear prominent on his life, he got interested and proof and adopted the neglect towards the state and other work, so that He could not do wonders to his vast kingdoms, even where the defeated area was fully preparing to avenge his defeat, there was no arrangement for the protection of the little north-west frontier tigers, but his enemy was defeated but destroyed. Paid no attention to.

Chauhan's History

1192 Second War of Tarain

Shahabuddin was deeply saddened by the defeat of Tarain and after reaching Ghazni, he publicly humiliated the military officers who had escaped from the battle site and soon started preparing for a new war in this regard, he was so much anxious that he Relaxation was possible, in connection with the second front, he had also established a conversation with Jaichand. He included former fathers and now songs in his army and equipped them with appropriate scriptures when his number of soldiers increased to 120000. From the routes of Lahore and Multan, he again came to the same ground where he had suffered a terrible defeat. Hassan Nizami writes that when he reached Lahore, he sent a communication to Prithviraj with a boot and that he would accept Islam and subjugate Gauri. Suppose Prithviraj sent this in response that he should return to his country, otherwise his meeting would be on a war footing, Mohammad wanted to conquer the enemy with deceit, so he sent messengers again and assured him that instead of war, he should make a treaty. Feels good and In connection with this, he has sent an envoy to his brother who will receive orders from Ghazni, he will return home. Regarding the treaty, he told that he will be satisfied about the Punjab Multan and Arvind.

Prithviraj War This treaty negotiated with the help of Prithviraj, he studied with a small army and the rest of the army which was with this scandal, he could go with him. Prithviraj War His minister Someshwar, who was not in favor of war, was punished by Prithviraj, so he met the enemies who were engaged on the frontier by sending them the orders of the fair with his army, Prithviraj’s army reached the site of the battle. Prithviraj War  The illusion of negotiation kept the camp happy throughout the night. Prithviraj War On the contrary, Mohammad Gauri kept the fire at the yoga camp overnight to keep the enemies in maximum and placed the soldiers far away on the four with a system of encircling the enemy group. Whoever was affected, the Rajput soldiers were disintegrated from being released from automatic work, suddenly attacked. In fact it has not been many regular wars and I escaped from the field sitting on an elephant and was caught around and killed. Govinda’s work came and Many feudatories used to fight like a warrior.

Prithviraj War The outcome of the war was clear. You followed the runaway Rajput army and gave it to them, Hansa to Samana Kohram Ajmer and Delhi were established as far as the post of Prithviraj’s end and in this respect we see Prithviraj in Raso. Prithviraj is shown at the end with a wrenching arrow Prithviraj War

Mohammad Gauri had become a victim after that, Chandbardai had also reached there on the occasion, who made Swami realize the goal through this incident, both of them committed suicide after this story of rationing was recognized. No, because it is not approved by any other means, in the Hamir epic, Prithviraj is imprisoned and in the end it is mentioned that Mohammad Gauri used to hold his court in front of this Lal, which caused Prithviraj to feel sad one day. Prithviraj War Pratap Singh asked him to bring a bow and arrow in which he ended his enemy, but Pratap Singh gave him the information, but informed it to Gauri, to test Prithviraj, the idol of Gauri was placed in a place, which he broke from his flood. In the end, the Sultan confronts Dia in a pit where he is put to an end by stone injuries. Two contemporary writers write UP and Hasan Nizami to be imprisoned on the night, but Nizami also writes that when the captive Prithviraj who is an enemy of Islam Paya chanting favored mantras against the Sultan It is said that when he was murdered, Minhaj writes that Siraj is going to be caught on his escape, but it also approves the same statement, only took Abul Fazal’s Prithviraj where he died, Aadhaar is behind him. We certainly do not come to any right when he comes, although UP and Nizami were sure, but do not give full details about the end of Prithviraj, yet according to local and party texts, we can determine any inference that Nizami writes Prithviraj is imprisoned and killed there when he is found guilty of participating in a conspiracy that matches the plot made by Lesion’s Prithviraj Prabandha. Prithviraj War This leads us to conclude that perhaps Prithviraj was taken to Ajmer and there He has been asked to rule the house under the Sultan, but in this respectable mindless Prithviraj, there is a conspiracy against a Sultanpur. This speculation is approved by Mohammad Gauri with the prevailing postures, one of which Prithviraj and another named Mohammed. Earth by Mohammed Making Niraj’s boy a dependent ruler also endorses this idea.

Due to the defeat of Prithviraj

Prithviraj War It is often told that Prithviraj was defeated by being unable to fight the carnivorous and cruel enemies coming from the cold country, such a belief is Brahmanical because the same Prithviraj defeated his same enemies in the same ground 1 year ago. He could not sleep well throughout the year, so due to the defeat of Prithviraj in the Second Tarain War, there were other things which were serious and important.In fact, this war was of a well organized and disorganized military organization. Bars brought to India who were educated to conduct new troops in all kinds of situations, Prithviraj War it is clear from the description of Minhaj that Mohammed had divided his large army into several parts in such a way that each had to work actively. He left behind heavy and unnecessary belongings, including elephant flags, flag ensigns, etc. The whole system was intended to hide the Rajputs and create chaos in them as Mohammed had planned to develop the enemies. Credit succeeded of Prithviraj War

Contrary to this plan, on the military organization of the Rajputs, you based on the traditional method, Prithviraj and his soldiers were not active in understanding or implementing some new style from the First Tarain war, there was no small number of Rajput army but that army Nayak Surgeon was of recognition and rank, there were about 150 fighters with him who were president of the system of fighting by keeping their parties in their alliance and fighting one style while staying in central discipline was against the Rajput style, each party was in favor of its recognition. He knew to fight with great valor but it was difficult for him to adopt a joint system under a leadership. With the lack of this base, Prithviraj’s army was less in number of his personal army because his very own army was not able to reach the field of Tarain because it was affectionate. In the frontier parts, Prithviraj had to engage the army to defend his other enemies. Many good soldiers had come to work on the First Taraim War and their Digvijay plan, in such a situation, Prithviraj had to go to war with the remaining warriors. Also the status of There was a big reason for the defeat  Apart from this, they were not fighting in the system, they made cheating and 4 was also a part of the war style.In the beginning, it was a successful move of Mohammad Gauri in the treaty negotiations to create laxity among the Rajputs. Besides this, by burning an overnight fire in the field, Mohammad Gauri gave the Rajputs It is forgotten that the enemy is not ready for war. In the morning, the army of Gauri, who was adorned by Rajputs in the work of defecation, attacked them. It proved to be useful in causing a stampede among the four Rajputs. In the Second Battle of Tarain, the vigilant army and the cautious army were confronted, due to which the army was defeated.

The writer of Prithviraj Raso Hammir epic takes shelter of some trick of deceit, Rajput defeats Kasan Mahajan, it is said that Prithviraj’s unmarried husband was joined by Shahabuddin in which one such horse for Prithviraj was left for war.