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Veer shiromani maharana pratap
The history you don't know of veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap Ji being a warrior June 18, 1576, the battle between veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap and raja Mansingh happened, in the battleground king, Mansingh was riding an elephant named mardana in the middle of the Mughal army. veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap Ji reached raja Mansingh to completely demolish the Mughal army...
forts in Rajasthan
Forts in Rajasthan - "Forts in Rajasthan with its intense rooted culture and traditions brag its abundant history with a story around every corner" Rajasthan tourism historical forts is an immense land with many attractions to explore! But the admirable forts and splendid locations make Rajasthan tourism magnetite for history lovers. There is a huge list of such historic construction....
Murshidabad History - Suja-ud-Daulla
Murshidabad History - Suja-ud-Daulla After the death of Suja, his son Ganga became the lord of Marwar because Surya's son was killed during the ascent of Bada Sojat in 1510 AD, at the time when Rao Ganga ascended the throne, at that time in the state of Marwar, Jodhpur Phalodi was in the class of Pokaran Sojat and Jaitaran....
The rising power of Rathores
The rising power of Rathores and Turkish opposition Just as the Guhils of Mewar and the Sewadis organized their power opposing the Turkish power, similarly the Rathores also increased their power from Marwar and from now on they competed with Turkey, we had read in the 1st chapter above that the Muslims Veergati was attained in 1273 while defending the...
War History Alauddin Khilji and Ratan Singh
Nasruddin Mohammed and Mewar War History Alauddin Khilji and Ratan Singh In the last period of Jatra Singh, in about 1248 AD, Sultan Nasruddin Mohammad of Delhi attacked Mewar, the reason for this attack, according to the angel, was that the Sultan called his brother Jalaluddin from Kannauj to Delhi, when he went to Delhi, he was opposed to his...
Mewar history
The history of Mewar comes to a new turn from the beginning of the V century in which the loss of power of the central Chauhans is an event of great importance to the ruler of a person like Jyotish Singh. Mewar history The article of Cheerwa proves that Jatra Singh had become such a powerful ruler. That the...
Nagaur district History
The total area of ​​Nagaur district - 17,718 sq km The map location of Nagaur district is 25°25 to 27°40 north latitude and 73°18 to 75°15 east longitude. Total forest area in Nagaur district - 235.93 sq km Nicknames of Nagaur District → Ahichhatrapur, City of Tools, Metal City of Rajasthan There are 10 Assembly Constituencies in Nagaur District, which is as follows...
Prithviraj And Digvijay
First War of Tarain War 1991 Prithviraj War In 1191 AD, Mohammad Ghori proceeded with great preparation to take Kabarvind who succeeded in supporting Banana to fight Prithviraj and the two soldiers reached Prithviraj in Karnal district. Prithviraj reached Gauri. Although the army cost and damaged the South Councilor, the Turkish army continued to fight; Gauri also fought his own...
Prithviraj And Digvijay
Prithviraj Tutia and his Digvijay These early rebellions encouraged Prithviraj and cleared the course of his campaign.He was now planning to defeat his immediate rulers.This plan was like the ambitions of the ancient Prithviraj And Digvijay History Indian emperors, which his admirers Digvijay It was denoted that the boundaries of the extended Chauhan kingdom were passed from the north...
Bikaner 534th Foundation Day
Bikaner 534th Foundation Day Bikaner.Panerai Paathalve Sud Baisakh Sumer, Thavar Beej Thap_yo BK Bikaner Rao Bika's Av, Bikaner, the city of Ganga Baba's Red Army and Jai Jangdhar Badshah, today established its 534th  Celebrating day Rao Bika founded Bikaner in the year 1545 on the third date of Baisakh month. What? Bikaner 534th Foundation Day This is the first...


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