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Exciting offbeat places you can explore in Jaipur
Exciting offbeat places you can explore in Jaipur We as a whole ability astounding and well known is Jaipur as a vacation destination. Consistently great many individuals stay with this delightful city and it's consistent with say that they can never get enough of it. This city has such a huge amount to propose with its way of life,...
5 fun small trips you can take near Jaipur after lockdown
Small Trips you can take near Jaipur after lockdown The hardest thing to miss in the lockdown is most certainly voyaging. The adventure of visiting new spots, meeting new individuals, having new encounters feels like sweet sentimentality now.  small trips you can take near Jaipur after lockdown When a large area of our lockdown is spent going through our...
Top 5 Amazing Street Food Places to eat in Jaipur
It's actual that Jaipur is popular for its fortifications and castles yet there would one say one is more thing that rings a bell when you contemplate this excellent city, Top 5 Amazing Street Food Places to eat in Jaipur any speculations? Definitely, it's Jaipur food. Jaipur is loaded up with various societies and tones and it certainly reflects in...
Best Jewellery Shop In Jaipur
Rajasthan is a place where there is social legacy and lavishness. Best Jewellery Shop In Jaipur We have a past filled with making entrancing craftsmanship that has transformed into a brilliant inheritance. The Jewelry is a fine illustration of one such Jewelry craftsmanship which had its starting point in the dirt of Rajasthan 500 years prior. Best Famous Jewellery Shop's It is...
Murshidabad History - Suja-ud-Daulla
Murshidabad History - Suja-ud-Daulla After the death of Suja, his son Ganga became the lord of Marwar because Surya's son was killed during the ascent of Bada Sojat in 1510 AD, at the time when Rao Ganga ascended the throne, at that time in the state of Marwar, Jodhpur Phalodi was in the class of Pokaran Sojat and Jaitaran....
The rising power of Rathores
The rising power of Rathores and Turkish opposition Just as the Guhils of Mewar and the Sewadis organized their power opposing the Turkish power, similarly the Rathores also increased their power from Marwar and from now on they competed with Turkey, we had read in the 1st chapter above that the Muslims Veergati was attained in 1273 while defending the...
War History Alauddin Khilji and Ratan Singh
Nasruddin Mohammed and Mewar War History Alauddin Khilji and Ratan Singh In the last period of Jatra Singh, in about 1248 AD, Sultan Nasruddin Mohammad of Delhi attacked Mewar, the reason for this attack, according to the angel, was that the Sultan called his brother Jalaluddin from Kannauj to Delhi, when he went to Delhi, he was opposed to his...
Mewar history
The history of Mewar comes to a new turn from the beginning of the V century in which the loss of power of the central Chauhans is an event of great importance to the ruler of a person like Jyotish Singh. Mewar history The article of Cheerwa proves that Jatra Singh had become such a powerful ruler. That the...
Nagaur district History
The total area of ​​Nagaur district - 17,718 sq km The map location of Nagaur district is 25°25 to 27°40 north latitude and 73°18 to 75°15 east longitude. Total forest area in Nagaur district - 235.93 sq km Nicknames of Nagaur District → Ahichhatrapur, City of Tools, Metal City of Rajasthan There are 10 Assembly Constituencies in Nagaur District, which is as follows...
Prithviraj And Digvijay
First War of Tarain War 1991 Prithviraj War In 1191 AD, Mohammad Ghori proceeded with great preparation to take Kabarvind who succeeded in supporting Banana to fight Prithviraj and the two soldiers reached Prithviraj in Karnal district. Prithviraj reached Gauri. Although the army cost and damaged the South Councilor, the Turkish army continued to fight; Gauri also fought his own...


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