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Saturday, April 10, 2021
Ajmer Foundation day
Ajmer Foundation day: Unabashed in the world In the past 909 years, people have been the city changing its character now it has been taken steps to become a smart city Ajmer has now touched the boundaries of Pushtax, Nasirabad, and Kishangarh. Over time, the city is poised to become a metropolis. In the past 909 years, people have seen the city...
Bappa rawal History and His Biography
Bapa's History and His Biography there is no consensus on the word ' back ', the father's time is also a controversial subject to go back to Cool. Toad is not the 191 governor's time for diakhi Bapa in the work. In this regard, it is estimated that in 580 A.D., when Vallabhpur was destroyed, the dynasty ran into...
Gohil Kathiawar and Marwar
History Of Gohil Kathiawar and Marwar 2 ancient inscriptions of the virtues of Katihar 1202 this and 12 so it is clear that this is the feudal of the go Halo branch Solanki Raja Sidhraj and Kumar Pal, who had been ruling in Saurashtra for some time, the Gohill dynasty Rajputs were left in Marwar who were defeated by the...
Gohil of Wadar
Antiquity of the Gohil dynasty of Rajput  Gohil dynasty of Rajput dynasty, which established its kingdom in Rajasthan behind Raja Mihirkul, is the Gohill dynasty Rajput main in this lineage, Gohil dynasty of Rajput the Rajput of this lineage, where he came and settled, the Guhil dynasty said that for this year in Sanskrit writers, Gohill Gohill letter Govindpur block...
who wrote Prithviraj Raso Rajput
who wrote Prithviraj Raso Rajput most important event of this period is the rise of the war-loving Rajput caste and the establishment of Rajput states in Rajasthan, the lack of central power after the fall of the Gupta Empire became the promoter of a kind of system in northern India, among the Republic castes of Rajasthan, including Malwa Yoga...
A Brief History of Rajasthan the Royal State of India
A Brief History of Rajasthan the Royal State of India With the rise of Gupta's power, half of the republic of Rajasthan-based human beings remained as a law, as the use of Samudragupta is proved in Abhishek, but in this article, I do not mention the works which were powerful around the quota, perhaps 350cc pillows have become nagaria,...
History of Kalibangan
History of Kalibangan The establishment of Rajput states in Rajasthan is very close in the historical program the first era of the establishment of these states has been spending the intervals of the era and here the diversity of the terrain and the characteristic singularity in historical events like that picture, this type of person is giving the shape...
History of Rajasthan Mughal ruler in Rajasthan
Mughal ruler in Rajasthan History Along with these coins, the word ' allete Nanak Nara ' etc., is also a signifier of currencies Baba's coin is also a famous coin of the seventh century which Dr. Ojha has described as a small size coin of another capital king, the coins of the Hiro coins of the ninth century, and...
नाहरगढ़ का ऐतिहासिक किला,
The Historical Instruments of Pre-Medieval History of Rajasthan Where the means of construction of ancient Rajasthan are very low, the material of the information of the former medieval Rajasthan was very difficult only in respect of it, which is that it is scattered around the memory material so that it is not feasible to make a proper fast on...
Ancient History of Rajasthan
Ancient History of Rajasthan Name No one name is found to be used for all Rajasthan earlier. In the ancient and medieval of his run, there were names of Bhin, and some of his parts were under other regions. The districts of Bikaner and Jodhpur were called jungle countries during the Mahabharata period. Sometimes they are named Kur Grille...


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