Rajasthani Culture and Festivals

Rajasthan packs the embodiment of Incredible state in India. What’s more, the experience of Rajasthan is never finished except if you have an essence of the heap fairs and celebrations that it brings to the table. They are a festival of life, culture, legacy, and nature, in obvious Rajasthani style. Here is a portion of the celebrations of Rajasthan you should involvement with least once in your lifetime. When we consider Rajasthan, we consider hues and splendor, sovereignty and accommodation, festivities and galas, music and move, culture and convention, history and legacy.

In Rajasthan different kinds of festivals celebrating by Rajasthani people :

  1. Camel Festival, Bikaner (January)
  2. Nagaur Fair, Nagaur (Jan-Feb.)
  3. Kite Festival (held on 14th Jan of every year)
  4. Desert Festival, Jaisalmer (Jan-Feb.)
  5. Baneshwar Fair, Baneshwar (Jan-Feb.)
  6. Gangaur Festival, Jaipur (March–April)
  7. Mewar Festival, Udaipur (March–April)
  8. Elephant Festival, Jaipur (March–April)
  9. Urs Ajmer Sharif, Ajmer (According to Lunar Calendar)
  10. Summer Festival, Mt.Abu (June)
  11. Teej Festival, Jaipur (July–August)
  12. Kajli Teej, Bundi (July–August)
  13. Dussehra Festival, Kota (October)
  14. Marwar Festival, Jodhpur (October)
  15. Pushkar Fair, Ajmer (November)

A culture of Rajasthan – Beauty In Tourism:

In Rajasthan we have different types of culture  :

  1. Atithi Devo Bhavo
  2. Folk Music And Dance
  3. Food
  4. Architecture
  5. Religions
  6. Handicrafts
  7. Camels And Camel Festivities
  8. Dressing
  9. Language