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Kuldhara—the ghost village
Kuldhara—the ghost village  Kuldhara—the ghost village is towns and towns that hold an appeal altogether different from the vestiges of palaces and fortifications, generally because they allow us to peep directly into the lives of the individuals who once occupied them. Being a desert locale, Rajasthan has no lack of phantom towns except for not many of them have as...
15 Places for Tourist Attraction in Jaisalmer Past the amazing imperial urban communities of Rajasthan lies Jaisalmer, the passage to the Thar Desert, and a well-known visitor goal in India that is outstanding for its unbelievable yellow stone engineering, the Jaisalmer Fort, otherwise called 'Sonar Quila'. Jaisalmer is a standout amongst the most visited places in Rajasthan amid the pinnacle...
The fortress and town of JAISALMER were established by Maharawal Jaisal in the year 1156 Promotion after having moved his capital from Ludharva (18 km from Jaisalmer) to a more secure spot. The decision group of the recent Jaisalmer State has a place with the Bhati Faction of Yadu Rajputs of Chandrawasnshi (Lunar) race who guarantee drop from Ruler...
Jaisalmer is one of the states of Rajasthan state which is also known as the GOLDEN CITY.  Jaisalmer was founded by the Raval-Jaisal around 1178 AD  in the middle of the history of medieval times. This city is in the desert of Thar situated in the far west of India. The descendants of Raval Jassal ruled here for 770...


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