15 Places for Tourist Attraction in Jaisalmer

Past the amazing imperial urban communities of Rajasthan lies Jaisalmer, the passage to the Thar Desert, and a well-known visitor goal in India that is outstanding for its unbelievable yellow stone engineering, the Jaisalmer Fort, otherwise called ‘Sonar Quila’. Jaisalmer is a standout amongst the most visited places in Rajasthan amid the pinnacle visitor season that begins in October and proceeds till February. The city, likewise named the “Brilliant City“, was built up in the mid-twelfth century by Rawal Jaisal, and today with numerous creative structures, landmarks of neighborhood recorded significance and surrendered towns, Jaisalmer has developed as a cut of illustrious legacy from mind-boggling Rajasthan. So before you gather your packs for an excursion to Jaisalmer in the coming vacation season… chalk out your agenda with the accompanying 15 best vacation spots in Jaisalmer.

1. Jaisalmer Fort beautiful place to visit in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer fort Rajasthani-tadka
Worked in the twelfth century by the Bhati Rajput ruler Rao Jaisal, the Jaisalmer Fort is a monstrous yellow sandstone stronghold that keeps up the Taj Mahal and a few havelis, doors, and sanctuaries. The brownish dark-colored bulwark that transforms into nectar gold at dusk, legitimizing the name “Sonar Quila”, is without a doubt a blasting occurrence of visual observation. The structural plan of the fortress having unpredictably cut windows, entryways and dividers is one of the fine instances of the rich legacy in India. Situated on the Trikuta Hill and disregarding the Jaisalmer city. the Jaisalmer Fort is accordingly one of the well-known vacation destinations in Jaisalmer. Additionally, the two ordinance focuses, situated at vantage focuses inside the stronghold, give you a stunning all-encompassing perspective on Jaisalmer city. A place to visit in Jaisalmer Today… amidst the imperial yellow sandstone engineering, Jaisalmer Fort bragged as one the invigorated urban communities in Rajasthan lodging various restaurants, including Italian, French, and local cooking styles; inns; and historical centers.

2. Camel Safari Jaisalmer sightseeing itinerary

Being in the city of moving sandhills, you can’t get away from the seat venture. of, Jaisalmer tourist guide An uneven ride on a camel in the Thar Desert is one of the energizing activities in Jaisalmer. It enables you to investigate the remote and disconnected spots tucked amidst the desert. Positively, the additional time you commit on your safari, the more remote spots you are probably going to see, and the more you may conform to and appreciate the desert serenity.

3. Sam Sand Dunes Tourist Attractions in Jaisalmer

Roughly 42 kilometers from the fortification city of Jaisalmer, the SAM Sand Dunes in the edges… is without a doubt the best-prescribed spots to see in Jaisalmer. The exanimate feel with stretches of clearing ridges, camel safari along the amazing peaks and troughs, and dark red skyline at the dusk by and large drops you to a satisfying winter scape. Try not to miss the natural and hearty music and people move off the wanderers that delineate the provincial culture of the Rajasthani society. The best time to visit the Sam Sand Dunes is during the season of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, which is generally held in the long stretch of February consistently.

4. Gadi Sagar Lake – The Lake view of Jaisalmer

gadisar-lake rajasthani-tadakWorked in the fourteenth century as a water protection tank, the Gadi Sagar Lake is the best place to visit in Jaisalmer, which is today a mainstream visitor home base. The lake encompasses a few sanctuaries with the most remarkable being the Krishna Temple that is situated over the Lion Gate. Amid the winter season, transient fowls rush the area and fledgling viewing turns into a most loved movement in Jaisalmer. Further, watercraft riding in the Gadi Sagar Lake is one more energizing activity in Jaisalmer. The best time to visit the Gadi Sagar Lake is amid the Ganguar Festival, which is typically held in March or April.

5. Salim Singh ki  Haveli Tourist Attraction in Jaisalmer

Salim-Singh-ki-Haveli rajasthani-tadka
It is a mind-blowing outline that is created with 38 overhangs, each having particular structures. Rajputana desert camp Salim Singh Ki Haveli is one of the legacy attractions to investigate when you are venturing out to Jaisalmer.

6. Patwa ki Haveli Tourist Attraction in Jaisalmer

Patwon-Ki-Haveli rajasthani-tadka
A great case of many-sided design that unwraps the section of a well off a dealer, Guman Chand Patwa of the nineteenth century, the Patwa ki Haveli is one of the most spots to visit in Jaisalmer. It is one of the biggest Havelis in Rajasthan that keeps up fine divider works of art, excellent jharokhas (galleries), openings, and doors. The Patwa ki Haveli is a bunch of five pompous havelis which were talented by Guman Chand Patwa to his children. History uncovers that the ‘Pathways’ left the Havelis helpless before guardians who at the appointed time turned into the proprietors. Afterward, the first haveli was sold to Mr. Jeevanlalji Kothari… and from that point, Patwa ki Haveli was renamed as the Kothari’s Patwa Haveli.

7. Tanot Mata Temple Tourist Attraction in Jaisalmer

tanot-mata-temple rajasthani-tadka
Your Jaisalmer travel control is inadequate without the Tanot Mata Temple that is found around 150 kilometers from Jaisalmer city and lies near the fight site of Longewala of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. The sanctuary is as of now kept up by the Border Security Force of India and it saves a gathering of unexploded bombs dropped by Pakistan amid the 1971 war. The Tanot Mata Temple is a standout amongst the least investigated vacationer puts in Rajasthan because of its remote area and consequently, you can make your vacation in Jaisalmer an entering one by visiting the Tanot Mata Temple. tanot temple photos A look at the Tanot Mata Temple appeared in the well known Bollywood motion picture Border.

8. Jain Temple in Lodurva 

The Jaisalmer Fort houses a gathering of Jain Temples that goes back to the twelfth and fifteenth centuries. The gathering of Jain Temples is a fine case of Dilwara style of engineering that utilizes yellow sandstone. The sanctuaries are committed to different Jain Tirthankars. With definite building work having cut creature and human figures on the divider, a vault that is secured by an amalak, and a water pot containing lotus blossom… the Parshvanath Temple is the most conspicuous one. Further, the Rishabnath Temple and Sambhavanath Temple in Lodurva, which is 16 kilometers from Jaisalmer city, are two other Jain sanctuaries that one can visit amid their trek to Jaisalmer.

9. Vyas Chhatri Tourist Attraction in Jaisalmer

vyas-chhatri rajasthani-tadka
The Vyas chhatri is a wonder amidst the sandhills and displays the run of the mill Rajasthani style of engineering. Devoted to sage Vyas, who finished the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Vyas chhatri is the Rajasthan’s turn to landmarks. It is additionally prominent as a standout amongst the best places in Jaisalmer to watch dusk.

10. Mandir Palace Tourist Attraction in Jaisalmer

Mandir Palace rajasthani-tadka
One of the best instances of craftsmanship, having resplendent overhangs, shelters, and unpredictably cut screens, the Mandir Palace is a well-known vacation destination in Jaisalmer. It was worked between the ninth and the tenth century and was the home of the leaders of Jaisalmer for more than 200 years. The Mandir Palace includes the ‘Badal Vilas‘, which is a tall sandstone structure underneath the slope top city fortress.

11. Kuldhara Village – Haunted Place in Jaisalmer

kuldhara rajasthani-tadka
Another least investigated spot around Jaisalmer city that is situated in the edges is the ruin of Kuldhara town that goes back to the thirteenth century. It was the biggest town in the network that comprised of 84 towns yet in the mid-nineteenth century, every one of the general population in horror village Kuldhara and close-by 83 towns evaporated in obscurity. The reasons are as yet being undisclosed, however, it is being said that the town was reviled and subsequently is considered as one of the spooky towns in India. In any case… the spot still holds some fine building works like sanctuaries and step-wells that guarantee an arranged settlement over 7centuries.

12. Bada Bagh Tourist Attraction in Jaisalmer

Bada Bagh Rajasthani-tadkaFound 6 kilometers from Jaisalmer city, Bada Bagh is a delightful spot that houses a few cenotaphs of the imperial families from the sixteenth century to the twentieth century. It additionally keeps up a few different attractions like a greenery enclosure, a tank, a dam, and the Govardhan Stambh (column).

13. Surya Gate Tourist Attraction in Jaisalmer

Surya Gate Rajasthani-tadkaOne of the doorways to Jaisalmer Fort, Surya Gate is a prominent fascination in Jaisalmer that is another case of complicatedly cut design. It is a restricted entryway that was worked in the twelfth century with the point of keeping foes from propelling an unexpected assault and charging inside the fortification.

14. The Heritage Museum Tourist Attraction in Jaisalmer
The Thar Heritage Museum as it were is a place of antique that safeguards a few recorded and old people specialty of the Thar Desert, turbans, melodic instruments, fossils, and kitchen gear. It is one of the noticeable vacation spots in Jaisalmer city that is found near Gandhi Chowk.




15. Khaba Fort Tourist Attraction in Jaisalmer

Khaba-Fort-Jaisalmer rajasthani-tadka
One more creepy story from the Rajasthan travel industry… the Khaba Fort that was once occupied by the Paliwal Brahmins for more than 200 years is today a relinquished post with scanty human action encompassing it. Well… the area is ideal for photography and chills. In the wake of going for a stroll around the fortification structure, you can likewise visit the little exhibition hall that safeguards a few collectibles.