Jaisalmer is one of the states of Rajasthan state which is also known as the GOLDEN CITY.  Jaisalmer was founded by the Raval-Jaisal around 1178 AD  in the middle of the history of medieval times. This city is in the desert of Thar situated in the far west of India. The descendants of Raval Jassal ruled here for 770 years without breaking the line of descendants till the change in the Republic of India, which is an important event in itself. Even in India, from the establishment of the English state to the end, this state kept the pride and importance of its offspring. After India’s independence, it merged into the Indian Republic. In ancient times Jaisalmer was also known as Madara. Jaisalmer is located on the map of the state of Indi, at a place where there is a significant significance in its history. Due to having a large area of this state on the north-western border of India, the rulers of Arbo and Turkey not only tolerated the ancient palaces but by pushing them back with perseverance, the remaining Rajasthan, Gujarat has been protected for centuries from outside attacks. Due to the entries part of Jaisalmer State being sandy and rocky, the temperature here is maximum 47centigrade in May-June and minimum is 05 centigrade in Dec.-January. Jaisalmer is a group of beautiful palaces, Haveli and Jain temples built between the 12th and 15th centuries in the city.