The history you don’t know of veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap Ji being a warrior

Veer shiromani maharana pratap

June 18, 1576, the battle between veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap and raja Mansingh happened, in the battleground king, Mansingh was riding an elephant named mardana in the middle of the Mughal army. veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap Ji reached raja Mansingh to completely demolish the Mughal army and challenged King Mansingh to show his bravery.

According to the grantha, chetak smacked both his feet on the fore of the elephant subsequently then king maharana attacked king Mansingh with a spear. the sword went out tearing the hoods of the mahout. King maharana once more attacked with the spear, but it reached only the shealth of king Mansingh. Singh Mann Kunjar Sire, Ar Chetak Diwan. Bhalo Bakhtar Bhediyo, Rang Tane Maharan.

When chetak hit the elephant’s head with his feet while coming down chetak’s back leg was awfully injured by the sword caught in the trunk of the elephant.

Bahi Ran Pratapsi , a sword in Bakhtar. Janak prawn in the net, the crudity of the mouth. That is, the weapon the Maharana Pratap Singh fired, came out on the border of the opponent’s armor plate and start to embellish it as if a fish had tugged its mouth out of the trap.

in the battle between veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap and king Mansingh, maharana’s dominance was evident. His brother Madho Singh had to come for the support of Raja Mansingh. In manprakash, a book based on the life of Raja Mansingh, it is drafted in such a way that “both the armies were like honeymooners in the essence of war for a long long time, who were raw, with the radiance of shining swords was thrilled and could not leave the field.” king Mann Bhuj Pratap defeated the opponents in a moment.

Veer shiromani maharana pratap ji

When Madho Singh’s moon was brightened, the faces of enemies became dark, the faces of warriors on the side of Madho Singh blossomed like a flower. Veervarya Rana Pratap came forward, Rana Pratap as a king, spoke harsh words with the hunger to win over the mighty king Mann, like Arjuna in Rajasthan history.

According to Nathavansprakash, a book based on Nathawat Kachwaha Rajputs, Manohar das, son of Natha Kachawaha, the foremost leader of Nathawat Rajputs, attacked the wounded chetak.

In Muntakhab-ut-Tawarikh, Mughal writer Abdul Qadir Bandhauni, an eyewitness to the Haldighati war, wrote, “Rana Kika was enclosed by Madho Singh and arrows were falling on Rana”.

It is drafted in the book Manprakash that when Veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap Singh was leaving the battleground, Madho Singh dared him. That Mewari veer also agreed to the challenge and came back. Veer Pratap protected Madho Singh and raja Mann with arrows, to the same extent as a river of clouds surrounded the land, still, man Singh tore through the darkness of arrows and turned into light.

Maharana Pratap Singh was awfully injured, when Jhala Mann, who was also known as Jhala Binda, resemble maharana showed up there and accomplished in dodging the Mughals by grabbing Maharanas chhatra, chawar, etc.

Veer shiromani maharana pratap










While coming back, veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap Singh told Madho Singh that “Madho, there is no need to be thrilled on this chicken-hearted winning of his, as long as Rana Pratap is living, he will not even let you dream of victory under the pledge of Ekling Nath. I will shortly take away your peace of mind and Mansingh’s happiness. Beg to god not to look again on the battleground.”

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