Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla

Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla After the death of Suja, his son Ganga became the lord of Marwar because Surya’s son was killed during the ascent of Bada Sojat in 1510 AD, at the time when Rao Ganga ascended the throne, at that time in the state of Marwar, Jodhpur Phalodi was in the class of Pokaran Sojat and Jaitaran. Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla It is included that in these parts also there was a possibility of disturbance of the opposing elements, in such a situation, Rahu Ganga merged the biggest power of Rajasthan at that time which was not in the personality of Maharana Sanga, to get the throne of Sanganer Raimal from the war of his successor. Tried Rao Ganga, I also helped him a lot in this work by staying with Sanga of thousand soldiers, similarly, he helped Sagar with his 4000 soldiers in the battle of Khanwa with Babur, thus staying with a powerful ruler like Sanga. Rao Ganga raised the political level of his state.

Murshidabad History - Suja-ud-Daulla

At that time, Jalore was the right of Muslim power in Marwar, a succession dispute arose between Sikandar Khan and Khajni Khajni, it was a good opportunity for the Ganges to put pressure on both of them Nagaur was the center of the second Muslim power in Diya Marwar. Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla After getting the help of Rao’s uncle Shekhane from the ruler Khan more Daulat Khan, he marched to Jodhpur in 1529 AD, as a result of which Daulat Khata fled the field and fled to Nagaur, and Shiva was killed on the battlefield. By suppressing the powerful feudal and the two Muslim powers together, Rao Gaon Song made Marwar a balance of power of Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla.

Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla After the death of Shekha, Rao took up the question of Veeramdev, the vassal of Merta village. After the defeat of Daulat Khan, his elephant which had reached Merta while running away was not given to him on Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla the demand of Ramganga. Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla When Rao Ganga and Ko Har Mahadev returned to Jodhpur, he sent the elephant behind Veeram but died on the way. To make him powerless, many villages of his jagir were taken away and posts of Marwar state were set up there.

Death of Rao Ganga;-

Different things have been given regarding Ramganga’s death. The two were ambitious. In such a situation, it is not surprising to have the hand of Kubera in this incident, which is also clear from the Ganges window by the country.

Maldev Rao Maldev was the eldest son of Ganga, when he took the reins of the kingdom of Marwar, at that time his authority was only on the family members of Sojat and Jodhpur. Murder was also probably the subject of discussion there, only to remove this opposition, the work of the state road of the country has been included in Sojat. Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla Although Ganga had determined the dominance and new policy of the close neighbors and major chieftains in her own way, Maldev took the initiative to save this problem firmly, he took about 10 years to complete this work. Along with making good relations with the neighboring states, first of all, when Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat attacked Mewar in 1532 AD, he had helped Vikramaditya by sending his army, according to the students, goods came to Kumbhalgarh in the country. To declare Udai Singh as Rana And had contributed in fighting against Ranvir Jodhpur state night it is written that in 1532 AD Rao Maldev sent Rathod Zeta Kumpa chieftains to help Udai Singh of Mewar, as a result of which Ranvir was removed and Udai Singh was placed on the throne of Chittor. In return, Maharana sent an elephant named Basantarai and four lakhs Firoza to Maldev in the offering. Dr. Ojha believes that in this regard, Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla the above statement of the fame of the state of Jodhpur is complete from the soul school house and tomorrow but first. 1533 AD Vikramaditya was alive, in such a situation there is no question of sending an army against Ranvir, the matter of sending an elephant is also not mentioned in any other student, Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla Nancy is well written in this regard that Udai Singh helped with his words against Veer He and Kumpa must have helped him to be close relatives, this incident is not of 1533 AD but in 1540 AD, even if Maldev had actively helped and Udai Singh was helped by Kumpawat to help Maldev. definitely tells

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Maldev’s right over Merta and Ajmer We had mentioned above that when Maldev was a prince, he had spoiled the matter of not giving elephants to Rao Veeram on strike in relation to everyone, this relationship was broken in Veeram.

Taking Mer and spoiled it, when he asked for Ajmer to see the goods, he refused to give it and killed Veeram by sending an army and drove Veeram from Merte. Veeram reached Ajmer from here and started trying to take Merta from there. Tried to get Riya but won and due to opposition of Kaun Par, he failed to take Riya and was also expelled from Ajmer, fleeing from there he went to Shekhawat in Kachwaha Rai, staying with him for 1 year, he moved forward and said Chaksu and Barware Came in his possession, then he started trying to take Merta when he did not get any success, he met the Muslim Thanedar after killing him, with his help went to Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla the prince of Ranthambore who took him to Sher Shah Suri and Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla.

Maldev’s right over Siwana and Jalore The Thakur of Siwana was called to see the goods during the fight of Nagaur, but he did not care that in 1538 AD, Rahul sent an army for the right of Siwana, he failed to capture it. to be the Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla Then Maldev himself reached there and besieged the fort, even Rana Dungarshi ran away due to lack of logistics and Siwana came under Maldev’s possession. Similarly, Sikandar Khan of Jalore had assisted against the opponents to see the goods, but he was Maldev. On this Rathore’s army expelled him from there and imprisoned him, he died while in captivity.

Behavior in Jaisalmer in Maldev and I animosity;-

In 1536 AD, Mal Dev was married to the daughter of Ravana Lunkaran of Jaisalmer, due to some reason Raval Maldev, who came to know about the loot Karan, the queen sent this information through Raghav Dev, the priest of Maldev, possibly pleased with this. Maldev became more pleased with Ravana’s daughter Umadevi and she also got angry with Rao Maldev, then she remained angry with Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla the village, instead of keeping Jodhpur, see Uma, which is called Ruthi Rani, kept in Ajmer’s citadel when Sher Shah’s attack on Ajmer. If there was a possibility of this, then tried to call  Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla the queen to Jodhpur, she at first considered it against her duty to move away from there during the objection period, but when Ishwardas explained to her, she agreed to come to Jodhpur but saw other states that Uma De Maldev’s grace does not become eligible, Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla he sent India named Asha to present an obstacle in his coming to Jodhpur.

The enmity between Maldev and Bikaner;-

Murshidabad History - Suja-ud-Daulla

Murshidabad History – Suja-ud-Daulla Maldev, with the desire to expand the kingdom around 1542 AD, sent a large army from the Bikaner side, including G. Rawat, to protect the royal family and he himself reached the grounds of Sahiba to counter Maldev’s mighty. He could not pick it up in front of the army and with an experience established the right over the jungle country of the area, to avoid this attack, JPC sought the help of Sher Shah, who could not get it on time, most of the Rathore of Bikaner was Deedwana to see the goods of his valor. Worked as a manager of Bikaner with the Jagir of Jhunjhunu

Rao Maldev and Humayun;–

At the time when Maldev was speaking about the plan of expansion of his kingdom, there was an upheaval in the Indian situation. Made a person without a home bar and became the master of the Mughal state in it, Victory Now the armies of Kan started chasing Humayun rapidly, forced Humayun ran towards Sand and reached Bhar at the beginning of 1541 AD, he remained there till about September At the same time, Sher Shah had sent batches of armies to the Union Punjab, Bihar, Bengal, Malwa, etc. to arrange his new state. Meanwhile, Sher Shah had to go with his army against the princes of Bengal. He also knew that Sher Shah’s army was scattered all around and the situation was such that he could not come easily. Hearing Sher Shah had reached a distance of about 1000 miles from Delhi to the distant Gaur to Maldev. If there was an opportune time to increase his sphere of influence, it was this time that he communicated to Humayun that He is asked to help him against Sher Shah, in this message Shooj was asked because, in the absence of Sher Shah, Maldev could travel directly to Delhi and Agra and increase the number of his supporters in the name of Humayun, fight again with Sher Shah. Seeing the above time, he could have expanded his kingdom in the same way, but Humayun did not pay any attention to the suggestion because he had the hope of conquering Gujarat with the help of the ruler Shah Husain. By staying away from Sher Shah, he will get a good opportunity of the organization of power, there is no hope of any cooperation in that direction, then he has been wasting his energy in the house of the person since 7th March. Returning here, he found that he was closed to him by the devotees and that Shah Hussain and Yadgar Merta had become his opponents.