Chittorgarh, well known for its Rajput gallantry and pride, was home to ChhatariRajputs. It is trusted that Chittorgarh was talented to Bappa Rawal as a piece of endowment when he wedded the Solanki princess in the eighth century.
Bappa Rawal was the author of the Sisodia administration. Bappa and his relatives led the spot till the sixteenth century.
It is trusted that Bheem, one of the Pandavas, visited this spot and took in the insider facts of eternality. Once, he kicked the ground and water left the earth at that place. The spot turned into a water repository and is by and by known as Bheemlat.
In the fifteenth century, the spot was controlled by Maurya Rajputs and remained the capital of Mewar till 1568 Advertisement. The Mewars at that point moved their cash-flow to Udaipur.
The well known Chittorgarh fortification was worked by the Maurya rulers in the seventh century. The fortification stands tall till today and is the most renowned vacation destination of the area. The post was assaulted thrice by various rulers however it didn’t lose its strength.
In the 1303 Advertisement, Allaudin Khilji assaulted Chittorgarh because he was pulled in towards Rani Padmini. Rani Padmini didn’t acceptKhilji’s offer and liked to kick the bucket and performed Johar.
In 1535 Promotion, Bahadur Shah assaulted the spot and in 1567 Advertisement, Head Akbar won the fight against Maharana Pratap.