15 Attraction Places for Chittorgarh

15 attraction places for Chittorgarh 1. Tower of Fame (Kirti Stambh) The Kirti Stambha is one of the dazzling vacation destinations of Chittorgarh. Housed inside the gigantic Chittorgarh Fort, this twelfth-century tower remains as a landmark to Adinathji, the first Jain Teerthankar. It is enriched with the bare figures of the Digambar and mirrors the … Read more

The Rajputana History Of Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh, well known for its Rajput gallantry and pride, was home to ChhatariRajputs. It is trusted that Chittorgarh was talented to Bappa Rawal as a piece of endowment when he wedded the Solanki princess in the eighth century. Bappa Rawal was the author of the Sisodia administration. Bappa and his relatives led the spot till … Read more