History Of The Dundhar

Rajasthani Tadka
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Dausa is arranged in a district generally known as Dundhar. The Chouhan’s and Rao’s ruled this land in tenth Century A.D. Dausa has advantaged to end up First capital of the then Dundhar District. Dausa was an imperative political spot for Dundhar locale. The Chauhan Raja Soodh Dev ruled this locale amid 996 to 1006 Promotion. Afterward, from 1006 Promotion to 1036 Advertisement, Raja Dule Rai ruled this area for 30 years.

As Dausa city is encompassed by Mahadev in five ways (Nilkanth, Gupteshwer, Sahajnath, Somnath, and Baijnath), so it was named from Sanskrit word “Dhau and Sa”. ‘Dhau’ signifies Swarg sa (Like Paradise) and ‘Sa’ signifies Sundar ( Wonderful). Means Swarg sa Sundar ( Lovely like Paradise).

Dausa has given noticeable opportunity warriors to the country. Late Shri Tikaram Paliwal and Late Shri Slam Karan Joshi were among the opportunity contenders who gave their significant commitment for a battle for autonomy and for the amalgamation of the August States to frame Rajasthan State. Late Shri Tikaram Paliwal was the primary chosen Boss Pastor of Rajasthan in 1952 after autonomy. Panchayati Raj Bill in the Vidhansabha in 1952.”

The artist Sant Sunderdas was conceived on Chaitra Shukla Navami in Vikram Samvat 1653 in Dausa. He was a prestigious Nirgun Panthi Sant and composed 42 Grantha, out of which Gyan Sundaram and Sunder Vilas are popular. Current Dausa MP is Harish Meena, A previous DGP of Rajasthan Police.

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