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Amar Jawan Jyoti is a memorial establishment that was developed to give admiration to the courageousness of Jaipur's mythical martyrs and soldiers. Amar Jawan Jyoti is situated in Vidhyut Nagar and is usually congregated by the local people and tourists. This structure is attractively lit up in the course of the evening and exhibits a bright change of one...
Kuldhara—the ghost village
Kuldhara—the ghost village  Kuldhara—the ghost village is towns and towns that hold an appeal altogether different from the vestiges of palaces and fortifications, generally because they allow us to peep directly into the lives of the individuals who once occupied them. Being a desert locale, Rajasthan has no lack of phantom towns except for not many of them have as...
Chauhan's History
Chauhan's History In connection with the salutation and expansion of the Chauhans in the first chapter, we saw that by the last phase of the 12th century, their power had become strong and their kingdom had spread from the place of Shreshteshwar towards Jahapur Mewar and the feudal lords of many nearby Chauhans. He had become the honorable power...
Laxman Mandir
Laxman Mandir : The Lord Of Bharatpur Laxman Mandir is situated at a focal point of Bharatpur City in Rajasthan. The chief gods revered are Laxmanji and Urmila Ji, however, the other little symbols of Smash, Bharat, Shatrughan, and Hanuman are additionally introduced. Every one of these icons is of Astadhatu. The assortment of sculptural work and design of the...
On 26th January 2008, Pratapgarh got glad for being the 33rd region that appeared on the guide of Rajasthan. It is made by the regions taken from Udaipur, Banswara, and Chittorgarh regions. As a recently made locale, Pratapgarh incorporates the tehsil territory Arnold, Pratapgarh, and Chotisadri from the Chittorgarh region, Dhariawad from the Udaipur area, and Pipalkhoont from Banswara...
Best Jewellery Shop In Jaipur
Rajasthan is a place where there is social legacy and lavishness. Best Jewellery Shop In Jaipur We have a past filled with making entrancing craftsmanship that has transformed into a brilliant inheritance. The Jewelry is a fine illustration of one such Jewelry craftsmanship which had its starting point in the dirt of Rajasthan 500 years prior. Best Famous Jewellery Shop's It is...
नाहरगढ़ का ऐतिहासिक किला,
The Historical Instruments of Pre-Medieval History of Rajasthan Where the means of construction of ancient Rajasthan are very low, the material of the information of the former medieval Rajasthan was very difficult only in respect of it, which is that it is scattered around the memory material so that it is not feasible to make a proper fast on...
Junagarh is a secure bastion that qualifies as having never been caught. It was developed in 1588 AD by Raja Rai Singh, one of Emperor Akbar's most recognized officers. The fortification complex houses some grand castles built in red sandstone and marble and guests can devour their eyes on an appealing grouping of patios, galleries, booths, and windows. Worked in...
The Sanctuary Of Narayani Mata Mandir : The sanctuary exceptionally pursues station standards. The minister of the place of worship has a place with the Meena rank and since the sanctuary, in general, is committed to sain position, baniya standing individuals are not permitted to enter the premises. Arranged only by Sariska National Park, 40 km from the primary city of...
Kabeiya dance Kabeliya dance is one of the famous folk dance in Rajasthan this dance is basically a tribal dance, it is also known as different names like sapera dance in this dance women's wear so much heavy lehenga of black color which is highly decorated by some color-full thread work and minor work in accessories they used to wear...


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