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A Brief History of Rajasthan the Royal State of India
A Brief History of Rajasthan the Royal State of India With the rise of Gupta's power, half of the republic of Rajasthan-based human beings remained as a law, as the use of Samudragupta is proved in Abhishek, but in this article, I do not mention the works which were powerful around the quota, perhaps 350cc pillows have become nagaria,...
Mewar history
The history of Mewar comes to a new turn from the beginning of the V century in which the loss of power of the central Chauhans is an event of great importance to the ruler of a person like Jyotish Singh. Mewar history The article of Cheerwa proves that Jatra Singh had become such a powerful ruler. That the...
The Sanctuary Of Narayani Mata Mandir : The sanctuary exceptionally pursues station standards. The minister of the place of worship has a place with the Meena rank and since the sanctuary, in general, is committed to sain position, baniya standing individuals are not permitted to enter the premises. Arranged only by Sariska National Park, 40 km from the primary city of...
JODHPUR:  Jodhpur, which we also know as SUN CITY, is the second-largest city in Rajasthan state. In the historic times of Jodhpur, the Rajwada was the capital of Marwar. The city of Jodhpur is also known as Blue Nagari because the Mehrangarh Fort is surrounded by the name of the blue town due to thousands of houses. Jodhpur city was ranked first...
History Of Rajasthan
History Of Rajasthan state of women, the prevalence of the practice of multiple marriages and grief after the birth of a daughter, shows how high a woman's place is in the society Gyan Panchami Katha and Upi Mati, there are such mentions that there is more number of daughters in hell. It was considered as a stay to have...
Bappa rawal History and His Biography
Bapa's History and His Biography there is no consensus on the word ' back ', the father's time is also a controversial subject to go back to Cool. Toad is not the 191 governor's time for diakhi Bapa in the work. In this regard, it is estimated that in 580 A.D., when Vallabhpur was destroyed, the dynasty ran into...
Desert celebration in Jaisalmer Desert celebration happens in the delightful Golden City of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer. It is commended each year, in the long stretch of February. This lavish Thar celebration makes the Thar Desert bursting at the seams with hues and sings with bliss and eagerness. It begins at Jaisalmer Fort to Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium. You get the chance...
Jodhpur Lakes - Best Places to visit in Jodhpur : The most tranquil and loosening up spot for an individual is by the lakeside. The peacefulness of the water loans tranquility to the psyche in this riotous and everlastingly running world. At whatever point we go on a vacation trip, we are endeavoring to make tracks in an opposite direction...
Amar Jawan Jyoti is a memorial establishment that was developed to give admiration to the courageousness of Jaipur's mythical martyrs and soldiers. Amar Jawan Jyoti is situated in Vidhyut Nagar and is usually congregated by the local people and tourists. This structure is attractively lit up in the course of the evening and exhibits a bright change of one...
history of rajasthan's rulers
The history of the rajasthan ruler's There is a single-point variation in the natural status of Rajasthan. The mountain range of the river and the spread of the desert binds the entire region in a single formula by transmitting it from one corner to another. History of the Rajasthan ruler The elements of the ancient national organization and the...


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