Tourism Spot in Banswara City

Kagdi Place the Picnic Spot :

The kagdi place is very beautiful in Banswara city there are so many varieties of plants and trees.

The best visited time of place in monsoon, they are a very watery place in the marvelous place in the Banswara
.this place is a science beauty and peaceful place

Banswara Dailab Lake :

This is an expansive lake close to Banswara town in Rajasthan. A delightful sanctuary is on the banks of this lake. There is a kid play zone, which makes this spot an ideal cookout spot amid the rainstorm season
Dail Lake situated in Banswara is a wonderful lake that is secured with lotus blossoms all around the year.

It is one of the renowned spots for local people to unwind and appreciate some time in nature. There is a Palace called Badal Mahal at the bank of the lake. The castle was the late spring retreat of the past rulers and now is a popular place of interest of Banswara.
On the banks of this delightful lake stands the mid-year habitation of the previous rulers. A noteworthy piece of the lake itself is secured with lotus blossoms.

Abdulla Pir Dargah Banswara :

A position of love for the Bohra Muslims, the Abdulla Pir Dargah in Banswara has recorded importance. Additionally, known as Dargah of Abdul Rasul, this holy place happens to be an essential milestone of Banswara and is situated in the southern piece of the city.

This spot gets overwhelmed with individuals amid the season of URS – a celebration that recognizes the passing of Moinuddin Chishti, the author of a Sufi request in India. The celebration happens for over a time of 6 days and there are night long melodic projects involving qawwali singing. A huge number of pioneers from all over the nation travel to Banswara during this time.
It is visited by different travelers excessively all-round the year as the sanctum has a lavishly cut structure made totally out of white marble.


To visit Abdulla Pir Banswara, you would need to Banswara first. Once in Banswara, you would get a few choices like transports and cabs to reach Abdullah Pir Dargah and alternate spots.
Via Air: Udaipur is the nearest local air terminal to Banswara and is 185 km away.
By Rail: Ratlam is the closest railroad station and is situated around 80 km from Banswara.
By Road: It’s ideal to go for the transport choice as there are normal transports from Jaipur, Delhi, Udaipur, and Bharatpur.

Activities in and around

Banswara is otherwise called the city of a thousand islands and is home to the well known Bhil Tribe of Rajasthan. It has got its name from ‘bans’ or Bamboo and is an excellent city to live in or visit. The Aravalli Range encompasses its eastern side and there are lavish green backwoods that are home to a rich and various untamed life.
Arthur is one of the real vacation spots of Banswara. There are three Shiva Temples here, which are known to have extraordinary archeological importance. There are different sanctuaries here too that are hundreds of years old. Regardless of whether you are not a religious individual, you would love to investigate this spot for its curious appeal and for the way that they are such a significant number of years old. Some of them are situated over the slope and offer an electrifying perspective on the environment.
Somewhere else that you can visit is the Anand Sagar Lake, which is a fake lake, situated on the eastern side of the city. ‘Kalpa Vriksha’ or sacred trees encompass this lake and these are well known for satisfying the desires of the guests.
Smash Kund or Phati Khan is a profound cavern situated under a slope. It has a pool inside which has chilled water all consistently. This is a pleasant spot encompassed by slopes on every one of the sides.
The Diab Lake is another lovely pool of this spot, which happened to be the late spring residency of the rulers before. The Kagadi Piek Weir is a patio nursery with a delightful wellspring and ideal for families. The Mahi River has a few islands on it and is another real vacation destination of Banswara. Behind Mahi Dam, around 14 km far from the city is Chachi Kota giving you a fantasy of slope station – an absolute necessity visit for all.
Take a stab at visiting Cheech, an old town well known for its Brahma sanctuary that was worked in the twelfth century.
Best Time to Visit
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