The Banswara locale shapes the eastern piece of the area known as Vagad or Vagwar. The area was once in the past a regal state managed by the Maharavals. It is said that a Bhil ruler Bansia led over it and Banswara was named after his name. Banksia was vanquished and murdered by Jagmal Singh who turned into the first Maharaval of the regal state.
It is likewise named so on account of the bamboos (Bans) which were found in wealth in the timberlands. In 1913 some bhils revolted under the headship of a social reformer Govindgiri and Punja which was smothered in November 1913. Many Bhils were shot dead at the Mangarh hillock where they were holding a tranquil gathering. The occasion is otherwise called the Smaller than usual Jalianwala Bagh slaughter. The spot has turned out to be consecrated and is also called the Mangarh Dham.
With the merger of the regal status in the Association of India, the Banswara State and Kushalgarh chiefship got converged in the More noteworthy Rajasthan in 1949, and Banswara was cut out as a different area by consolidating these realms.