Karni Mata Temple :

Arranged in the core of the city, close to Bala Qila, and Sagar Royal residence, Karni Mata Mandir is a respected Hindu site and a noteworthy vacation destination in Alwar. Expected to be the fiercest manifestation of Goddess Kali, Karni Mata is the directing divinity of the sanctuary. Albeit a few people likewise trust her to be a structure Goddess Durga
Karni Mata (Hindi: करणी माता or Karniji;) (Karni Mata is likewise alluded to as Nari Bai) (around 2 October 1387 – around 23 Walk 1538,) was a female Hindu warrior sage conceived in the Charan standing. Otherwise called Shri Karniji Maharaj, she is adored as the manifestation of the warrior goddess Durga by her followers. She is an official divinity of the regal groups of Jodhpur and Bikaner. She carried on with an austere life and was broadly venerated amid her very own lifetime. In line with the Maharajas of Bikaner and Jodhpur, she established the framework stones of Bikaner Fortification and Mehrangarh Post, the two most critical strongholds in the area. The most celebrated of her sanctuaries is in the residential community of Deshnoke, close Bikaner in Rajasthan, and was made after her puzzling vanishing from her home. The sanctuary is well known for its white rodents, which are treated as hallowed and given security in the sanctuary. Another sanctuary committed to her amid her lifetime contrasts from others in that it doesn’t contain a picture or icon of her, but instead an impression to symbolize her visit to that place. Karni Mata is otherwise called “Dadi wali door (facial hair-bearing old woman).
As indicated by custom, Karni Mata was initially the spouse of Deji Charan, of the town of Shika. In any case, she later communicated reluctance to her significant other to take part in matrimonial relations. He at first humored her, feeling that she would yield in time. Rather, Karni organized him to wed her more youthful sister, Gulab, with the goal that he may have an appropriate hitched life. She herself stayed abstinent for her entire life with the understanding and backing of her better half, who kicked the bucket in 1454.
Karni lived in her better half’s town for around two years previously leaving with her supporters and a group of dairy cattle, to carry on with an itinerant life. She and her devotees once made camp at the town of Jango. A hireling of Rao Kanha who was a leader of Jangloo denied Karni, her supporters, and their steers access to water. Karni Mata pronounced her devotee, Rao Ridmal of Chandasar, the new leader of the town, and proceeded on her voyage. Karni Mata quit meandering further and settled at Deshnok.
In 1453, she gave her approval to Rao Jodha of Jodhpur for overcoming Ajmer, Merta, and Mandor. In 1457, she went to Jodhpur at Rao Jodha’s ask, to lay the foundation of the Mehrangarh Fortification at Jodhpur.
Her first sanctuary was built in the town of Mathania amid her lifetime by her devotee Amara Charan. In 1472, she masterminded the marriage between Rao Bika and Rang Kunwar. Rao Bika was the fifth child of Rao Jodha, and Rang Kunwar was the little girl of Rao Shekha of Pongal. The marriage was masterminded to turn the animosity of the Author and Bhatian families into kinship.
In 1485, she established the framework stone of the post of Bikaner in line with Rao Bika.

On 21 Walk 1538, she made a trip back to Deshnok with her stepson, Poonjar, and a couple of different supporters. They were close Gadiyala and Girirajsar of the Kolayat tehsil, in the Bikaner region, when she approached the procession to stop for water. It was accounted for that she vanished there at 151 years old years.

In Rajasthan, the goddess Karni Mata is accepted to ensure the Krishna Saara Mriga (blackbuck)
Another sanctuary committed to Karni Mata is Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata Sanctuary or Karni Mata, Udaipur, situated on the Machla Slopes, close to Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Park in Udaipur, Rajasthan. One can reach the sanctuary either by stairs, beginning from Manikyalal Verma Park, or by ropeway.
Between the years 1620 and 1628, Maharana Karan Singh built up a neighborhood at Machala Magra for Udaipur’s wellbeing. It was amid this time the Karni Mata Sanctuary was assembled. Although for a significant lot the sanctuary was betrayed, in 1997 the Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata Advancement Board revamped it.
A further sanctuary committed to Karni Mata is situated in the recorded city of Alwar, Rajasthan. It is arranged in the core of the city, close to the Sagar Royal residence and Bala Qila.