Naldeshwar Hallowed place Alwar :

The linga or, lignum symbolizes the interminable vitality of Ruler Shiva. Since ages Hindu sanctuaries have seen the love of Ruler Shiva as such lingas. The linga is regularly observed with yoni which symbolizes the Shakti of the belly. Love of the linga goes back to the Puranic ages.

In the eighteenth century, a sanctuary was built to shield a normally shaped Linga in the collapse of the slopes. It was later turned into the famous Naldeshwar sanctuary.


The characteristic excellence of the site embellished by the two normally shaped lakes with water running from the slopes accommodates an event to celebrate. The otherworldliness of the divinity, the endowments offered on you by Mahadev (Master Shiva), the trekking knowledge all add to recollections you can value for quite a while. All celebrations of Ruler Shiva are commended here. Various fans accumulate on such events. Some even take a gander at it as a lookout spot. The experience might be reached out by visiting the Sariska Tiger Save adjacent.

Best time of visit

Storms are the best time to visit this altar to savor the excellence of its characteristic living space. The downpour washed scene is an outright should see.

The most effective way to Reach

You have to move 24 kilometers further south from Alwar to achieve an interesting spot where the slopes lie in the lap of the wildernesses. The voyage to the sanctuary is in itself an undertaking. Arranged further from the expressway to Sariska, the area is picture flawless. From where a vehicle would drop you, a short trek can get you to the sanctuary. Passing via air, you have to reach Jaipur from where you can procure a vehicle or, take a transport ride. Alwar is the closest railroad station and has all-around associated transport courses also.
The Naldeshwar Hallowed place is a statue arranged at a little separation from the town on the Sariska Alwar expressway. One needs to achieve the sanctuary by foot as the autos or different vehicles will leave close to the interstate.
This is a worshipped sanctuary in the city and is encompassed by thick greenery, making it a decent spot for nature darlings. The climate around the altar is quiet and one can go for a tranquil stroll to the Hallowed place.

Climate: Summer 28°C to 43°C Winter 15°C to 30°C

A sanctuary committed to the divinity, Master Shiva. This sanctuary is reachable just by foot. Comprising of a stroll through elevated wilderness pines and shade. This regular insurance offers the sanctuary an especially peaceful mood. The building itself is flanked by two regular lakes.
The Naldeshwar Sanctuary is committed to Ruler Shiva and is situated close to the Alwar-Jaipur roadway, near Sariska. This sanctuary is open by foot once you achieve the stretch among Alwar and Thanagazi town (close Sariska Tiger Hold). It is encompassed by thick greenery and lakes and has awesome perspectives on the all-encompassing scenes. The Naldeshwar Sanctuary is at a separation of approx. 18 km from Sariska.
This eighteenth-century Shiva Mahadeva sanctuary grandstands shockingly green hues in the betrayed place that is known for Rajasthan. It is an eminent day trip in the storms for the bold and the individuals who like treks. The climate amid a rainstorm is charming and the view is mystically green. These reasons consolidate to make it a suggested outing spot.
The move to Naldeshwar Sanctuary is approx. 5 km, and starts from the little villa of Madhopur. There are two ways to the sanctuary, one is a trek and the other is by stairs. Make sure to convey a water bottle with you. It is a sheer joy to happen upon seeing the Shiva sanctuary based over the slope after the trek. The rough mountains here additionally have a little stream streaming between them, going with the trekkers.
Toward the start of the trek, there is a little shop moving tea and different bites; a brisk nibble is exceedingly prescribed for apprentices searching for a simple trek. Make sure to convey a water bottle.