The Local Is Stream Chambal

Rajasthani Tadka
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Baran area was framed on April 10, 1991. Prior to that, it was a piece of The Kota region. Baran city is the locale central station of Baran area. It is situated between 24°25′ N to 25°25′ N and 76°12′ to 77°26′ E. The locale lies at a normal stature of 262 m above ocean level.

Generally, the region has a dry atmosphere however in the rainstorm, the atmosphere of the territory ends up damp. The months from November to February are the winter months while summers begin from Spring and end in June. The normal precipitation experienced by the region is around 895.2 mm. The coldest month of the area in January with the most extreme temperature of 24.3°C and the base temperature of 10.6°C.

Baran region is arranged at the south-eastern corner of the state and offers its limits with Shivpuri, Shyopur and Guna regions of Madhya Pradesh, in this manner shaping the limit of Rajasthan state. Baran locale contacts Kota area in the north-west and Jhalawar region in the south-west.

The primary waterway which streams from close to the locale is Stream Chambal. The area is spread more than 103 km from north to south and the determined width of the region is 104 km from east to west. Mamooni is the most astounding slope arranged in the area with tallness of 546 m above ocean level

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