Locale Dholpur is arranged in the eastern piece of Rajasthan. The region appeared in 1982 containing four tehsils of Bharatpur in particular Dholpur, Rajakhera, Bari, what’s more, Baseri. It is flanked by the Bharatpur area of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh toward the north, Madhya Pradesh toward the south, Karauli locale toward the west, and Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh toward the east.
The Area has six Subdivisions and six Tehsils Dholpur, Bari, Baseri and Rajakhera, Saipau and Sarmathura, and five Improvement Squares to be specific Dholpur, Bari, Baseri, Rajakhera, and Saipan. The area is very much associated with streets and railroads. The Expansive measure lines of Mumbai – Agra of Focal Railroads, goes through the locale headquarter Dholpur.
The all-out zone of the Dholpur area is 3,034sq. kilometers. Its populace as indicated by the enumeration of the year 2011 was 12,06,516 containing 6,53,647 guys and 5,52,869 females.
The Historical backdrop of Dholpur goes back to the Buddha’s Time frame. Amid that period, Dholpur was incorporated into Matsya Janpad. Amid Mauryan rule, it was incorporated into the Mauryan Domain. Amid a period, it went under the standard of different rulers. Around the eighth to tenth hundreds of years, Chauhans governed over it. In the year 1194, it stayed under Mohammed Gauri.
It is trusted that the city got its name Dhawalpuri (at that point Dholpur) after Raja Dholan Deo Tomar, the Tomar ruler who set up the city in 700 Promotion.
Geological AND PHYSICAL Highlights
The topographical directions for Dholpur (Dhaulpur) are 26° 42′ 0″ North, 77° 54′ 0″ East.
The Chambal Stream shapes the southern limit of the area, crosswise over which lies the province of Madhya Pradesh. Up and down the bank of the Chambal Stream the area is profoundly converged by gorges; low scopes of slopes in the western part of the locale supply quarries of fine-grained and effectively worked red sandstone.
The scope of sandstone slopes keeps running from Dholpur town in a southwestern bearing achieving at one spot on the frame of mind of 356.91 Meters above ocean level. The land in Dholpur.
The region is fruitful and ascends from the alluvial plain close to the dimension. Slopes and broken grounds portray nearly the entire region, alongside the valley of the Chambal as sporadic also, the elevated mass of rocks isolates the arrival on the waterway from the uplands.