Ganga temple in Bharatpur – A Famous Tourist Attraction in Rajasthan

The Ganga Mandir, which lives in the core of the city of Bharatpur is a standout amongst the famous tourist attraction sanctuary in Rajasthan. In it lies the radiant god of Ganga Maharaj made of unblemished white marble. Maharaja Balwant Singh began building this sanctuary in the mid-nineteenth century. Be that as it may, he had a one of a kind demand that required all the prosperous occupants of the city to give one month’s compensation to help towards the sanctuary’s creation. While the engineering is one of a kind the Bansi Pahadpur stone of almond shading is additionally an incomparable thing. The Gong of the sanctuary is of so extraordinary a reverberation that it tends to be gotten notification from separation.


This sanctuary is an attraction point of confidence for all Hindus and it has a chronicled legacy having magnificence of engineering figure, cutting, etching, mosaic work, geometrical splendors. Individuals view the sanctuary as an image of heavenliness and cleansing because the Ganga possesses an incredible spot in the brains of Hindus as a sacrosanct Devine stream.
it is said that the year 1845 saw Maharaja Balwant Singh start this present sanctuary’s development. The development procedure of the sanctuary was very remarkable in that every one of the representatives of the state and numerous other well-to-do local people was solicited to contribute towards the structure from the hallowed place. It is said that around 9 decades were taken to assemble the sanctuary. When the sanctuary was finished, Brijenra Singh, Balwant Singh’s fifth relative put an icon of the goddess Ganga in the sanctuary. It is from consequently that the sanctuary came to be known as the Ganga Mandir or sanctuary.

Build-up of Sanctuary

This two-storeyed sanctuary is a cheerful blend of different tiles of design and an uncommon one from the building perspective. Aesthetic cutting work has been done on columns and sanctuary boards. On the fundamental entryway on one side is a statue of Ruler Krishna grasping the Giri Raj Mountain while on the opposite side are Shiva Parvati and Laxmi Narayani. An extraordinary element of the sanctuary is that the ruler and ruler could have the first sight of Ganga Maharani and even today a window in their imperial castle opens precisely towards the sanctuary of Shri Gangaji and the darshan of Shri Ganga can be held by the lord or the ruler.
South Indian, Rajput, and Mughal styles – an intersection of these is the thing that one finds when taking a gander at the magnificence and quality of this sanctuary. There are numerous awe-inspiring carvings on the columns and dividers of the structure. Many feel that the sandstone structure with its various expanded carvings takes after less a sub-mainland sanctuary and more a French estate of the neo-established kind – the structure is all things considered two stories in tallness.

Symbols of Ganga Temple

The god’s golden calf itself looks brilliant in perfect marble, white in shading. The icon is accepted to sit on an enormous crocodile. The sanctuary has a gong which is sufficient for it to be gotten notification from far away. A four-foot icon of King Bhagirath is likewise present here. The passage of the sanctuary additionally has Lord Krishna in figure holding the Giri Raj or Govardhan Mountain in one of the celebrated delineations from Indian folklore. There are statues of divine beings Shiva and his significant other, Parvati just like that of the Laxmi and Narayan in the sanctuary.


The Ganga Dussera and Ganga Saptami religious celebrations draw enormous hordes of fans every year. The sanctuary is intricately and wonderfully improved amid these occasions which acquire numerous voyagers visiting the Bharatpur city in Rajasthan amid these occasions to here.
The enthusiasts come here from all finished and offer sacred water to the altar of the goddess. The area of the sanctuary is advantageous and sightseers and lovers alike can achieve it utilizing cycle or auto rickshaws or even cabs from anyplace inside the city.