Chauhan’s History

Chauhan's History

Chauhan’s History In connection with the salutation and expansion of the Chauhans in the first chapter, we saw that by the last phase of the 12th century, their power had become strong and their kingdom had spread from the place of Shreshteshwar towards Jahapur Mewar and the feudal lords of many nearby Chauhans. He had … Read more

Presentation of Alwar Gallery

Presentation of Alwar Gallery : Government Gallery housed in City Castle, Alwar was worked in 1940 by the then ruler. The entire accumulation of the gallery originated from the regal family, which incorporates 234 figures, 11 engravings, 9702 coins, 35 metal items, 2565 artistic creations and compositions, 2270 arms and weapons, and 1809 objects of … Read more