” Streets of Rajasthan await you “.

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Streets of Rajasthan await youHave you ever pondered over validity of the quote “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder” in context of travelling to places? In real sense the beauty lies in the mind of the beholder, how one perceives is how one is able to savour the nectar scattered in diverse cultures, heritage, natural abundance and Food all over the world. In the diversity of India “Rajasthan” is known for its arid yet captivating spirit of life. And it is interesting to explore that this land stretches in further strata of unique diversities. Ranging from the mesmerizing desert (Marusthali) region in the west to the greener Mewar and Hadoti region in the southern boundary, from the religiously rich Shekhawati Region to the current capital region this state offers its visitors splendor of royalty along with humility.
Streets of Rajasthan await youWhen you take a tour of Rajasthan, its streets will equally quench your wandering spirit. No doubt that the forts, palaces and grand cultural hospitality have been prominent in touring the Rajasthan. With global development the tourism climate has gone a metamorphosis change especially in regard of helping the visitors to dive deep into the core of this land. Having a direct experience of life without any artificial makeup will surely rejuvenate your soul.
From the Festival of “Diwali” in India to the next major festival called “Holi” is the best period to not only visit but to stay, mingle and celebrate this land of colors- “Rajasthan”. One can start from the Capital “Jaipur” which has grown into a perfect fusion of Heritage and contemporary features of modernity. At one corner you can taste the old cultural “Jaipur” and on the other it won’t let you miss your home’s comfort.

The city has a very well devoted and expert setup facilitating tourism keeping the “Guests” at center. With the changing trends there exist specialized service providers who are committed to make the visit to the city most memorable experience full of life with their more realistic touring plans. Imagine yourself walking into the vivid market place enjoying window shopping, mingling with people or just sitting observing them, in other words exploring the city with peace, interacting with the energies around being one with them.Rajasthani Tadka
Take a break from your daily monotonous routine; it’s time to fill your inner empty spaces with celebrations that Rajasthan is source of. This exceptional land and its streets are waiting for you. Defy the tradition of touring superficially and become a transient citizen of a land which promises to hold you near heart.

Streets of Rajasthan await you

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