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Shri Chaturbhuja Nath and Meerabai Temple

Shri Chaturbhujnath , Meerabai Temple
This is the world’s famous center of faith for the people and people! In this temple premises, the ancient statue of Lord Shri Charbhuja Nath was revealed. In the 15th century, Rao Duda Ji built a beautiful temple here. In the temple complex, the idiomatic statue of devotee Shiromani Meerabai is immortalized. Here, many religious ceremonies are arranged with Lord Krishna Janmashtami, Lord Narsingh Jayanti and Holi, Diwali, Ann-Koot, and every Ekadashi night bhajan evening…

Shri Chaturbhujnath , Meerabai Temple
Rao Dudagarh, constructed in the 15th century, has been exhibited by the Rajasthan Heritage Conservation and Promotion Authority in respect of the events related to the life cycle of 2008. Mr. Earlier in the past, there have been running Kachheri, Central Jail, and State School. The ancient temple of Mother Nagnechaji is also located on its premises. Along with that, the entire Center and Meera Research Institute is a collection site of literature.

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