The gangaur festival is a very famous festival in Rajasthan and is used to be celebrated mainly in north Indian state especially in the Rajasthan and some parts of this Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Gujrat.

The festivals commence on the first of the day of the Chitra according to the Purnima schools and to be the continues to be the 18 days. in North India punishment of the base, calenders start of the Chitra months aproxxmently of the fifteen before Ugadi and the Gudi Padva.


the gangaur festival should to be the Rajasthan is to be the colorful and one of the most important festivals of the people of the Rajasthan. and it’s to be the globally acclaimed to the colorful vibrant fairs and the festival and to be here to the celebrate with the gangaur festival great zeal of the ethicsness.

The travels from all over the come in the world and Frequent of the visit to be the Rajasthan to e with the information at to be the colorful faires and the festivals and one of the most important faire and festes in Rajasthan and of the some forms and other this fabulous of the festivals in the celebrated in through of the entire of the Rajasthan.

Famous Festival in Rajasthan 

That was the month of the auspious for the Rajasthani people and the marks and to be the end of the winters and to be the advent of the spring. this auspious festivals celebrated especially of the women and young girls and to be the gangaur festival.


and one of the most gangaur festival in the women decorate their plams f the figures with heena to be the mehandi designed. of there women beautifully of the themselves with there exquited jewelry and colourful bright attire.

History of the Gangaur Festival

The Ganguar festival should to be the women and girls and to idiol of the goodness of the Parvati and to here constrate loard to be the shiva unmmaried of these girls. the shiva should to be the worship and to pray to her husbands with there should to be the married in which should to be the good health and perosity of the and long health of their of her husband.


And the auspious festival should to be the start from in which of the chitra month culminates of other of the 18th day of the gangaur festival with religious of the hindus of the gangaur festival that should be the zeal and ethisumasm on the last day of the festival the idol of the day of the festival and that would be the idols of the gan and gauri are engrossed in our pound on our nearby lake.