Famously Depicted as Mahisagar – Mahi Dam

Downstream of Mahi Dam :

The Mahi is a waterway in western India. It ascends in Madhya Pradesh and, in the wake of coursing through the Vagad area of Rajasthan, enters Gujarat and streams into the Middle Eastern Ocean. The stream Mahi is venerated by many individuals and has a lot of sanctuaries and spots of love along with its shore. It is famously depicted as Mahisagar because of the immensity of the stream. Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam is a dam over the Mahi Waterway. It is arranged 16 kilometers from Banswara town in the Banswara region Rajasthan, India.

The dam was built somewhere in the range of 1972 and 1983 for the reasons for hydroelectric power age and water supply. It is the second biggest dam in Rajasthan. It is named after Shri Jamnala Bajaj. It has numerous crocodiles and turtles in it. There is the expansive number of islands inside the catchment territory of the dam, so Banswara additionally called famously called as “City of Hundred Islands”.The dam is effectively available by road. The dam has an introduced limit of 140 MW. The Mahi waterway streaming into the Inlet of Khambhat is very nearly annihilation because of contamination and saltiness.

History of Mahi Dam :

The idea of Mahi Bajaj Sagar Venture was mooted in the later 50% of the sixties. The establishment stone of this eager, multipurpose, between state venture was laid by the then Account Clergyman, Administration of India late Shri Morrarji Desai in the year 1960 The task is named after eminent opportunity contender and national pioneer late Shri Jamnalal Bajaj. The stream Mahi begins from Sardarpura town of Dhar locale in Madhya Pradesh and courses through M.P. Rajasthan and Gujarat before bantering into the sound of Khambat in Gujarat state. From a water potential perspective, the Mahi waterway bowl is the third biggest among fifteen all-around characterized and segregated stream bowls of Rajasthan state. Streams Arav, Chap, Nori, Anas, Jakham, Som are major tributaries of waterway Mahi. Notwithstanding, excepting Eau, every other waterway merges into Mahi standard downstream of Mahi Dam. The first task proposition visualizes 46,500 ha. CCA was endorsed by the Arranging Commission and Focal Water and Power Commission in the year 1971. The real development exercises began in the year 1972 and the undertaking was committed to the country by the Hon’ble Head administrator late Smt. Indira Gandhi on 1.11.1983