Legends and interesting facts about Nagaur Fair 


Legends and interesting facts about Nagaur Fair The second biggest reasonable in the nation, it is basically a steers reasonably that draws more than two lakh creature proprietors to bring their steeds, cows, bullocks, bulls, camels, and so forth to be a piece of an expansive public expo. A ton of creature races and cockfights … Read more

The Focal Point Of Nagaur City

Nagaur’s History is itself a regal spot of numerous thankful kingdoms stories places and there are numerous recorded spots like Posts, Temples, and Mosques which inferred itself a prideful spot for their kin. There are two greatest fortifications in Nagaur Locale one is Ahhichatragarh Fortress and another is the Kuchaman stronghold. Ahhichatragarh Stronghold is otherwise … Read more

World Famous Tonga Race in Nagaur

Tonga Race is a cultural event of Nagaur and is a part of folk tradition wherein animals play a vital role. Veer Tejaji in whose memory the event is organized was a legendary folk hero and is considered as one of the 11 incarnations of Lord Shiva. Veer Shri Teja Ji was born on a … Read more