Kota Adventure Festival Most fascinating festivals of Rajasthan

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Kota Adventure Festival most fascinating festivals in Rajasthan Consolidate experience with otherworldliness and you have the Kota Adventure Festival¬† It is one of the entrancing celebrations of Rajasthan, held amid Dussehra in the period of October. Amid this celebration, experience sports are sorted out which coaxes individuals from all aspects of the nation. The fundamental … Read more

Top 9 places to visit in Kota


Top 9 places to visit in Kota 1. City Palace one of the best place to visit in Kota Affectionately called the City Palace, it is a prime model showing a Rajput style of design. It was developed by various rulers on various occasions ever. Essentially, it is a complex including numerous condos and suites. … Read more

Kota Is a Fortune Of History

The historical backdrop of the city goes back to the twelfth century A.D. at the point when the Hada Chieftain, Rao Deva, vanquished the domain and established Bundi and Hadoti. Afterward, in the mid-seventeenth century Advertisement amid the rule of the Mughal Head Jahangir, the leader of Bundi – RaoRatan Singh, gave the little territory … Read more