Ajmer Foundation day: Unabashed in the world

In the past 909 years, people have been the city changing its character now it has been taken steps to become a smart city

Ajmer has now touched the boundaries of Pushtax, Nasirabad, and Kishangarh. Over time, the city is poised to become a metropolis. In the past 909 years, people have seen the
city changing its character. Now it has taken steps to become a smart city.
The people of Ajmer have been identified in the world by their work, plans, and policies.

Ajmer Foundation day

The CBSE had to be the foundation day from Ajmer.

Dr. Hussain was chairman of the board from 1952 to 57. He worked in the Central Board of Secondary Education at Ajmer. He carried out the test work at the building at Todermel Lane. He later became the third president of the country. Besides Dr. Hussain, the ninth President Dr. Shankardayal Sharma was also working in Ajmer CBSE.

Dr. Raman had taught physics

sometime in GCA by Nobel Laureate Dr. C.V. Raman of the study of physics Raman effect. He was principal from 1932 to 1942. Ajmer Foundation day He came to Ajmer on the insistence of P. Seshadri. His idol is also involved in the science block. A student of Ajmer, justice Nagendra Singh, a judge of the Indian Foreign Service in The Hague, was a judge of the International Court of Justice Hague from 1985 to 1988. He has been an alumnus of Mayo College and SPC GCA.

Doval is the country’s pride

Ajmer Foundation day

the country’s national security advisor Ajit Doval had completed school education in the 60 decades from the National Military School of Ajmer (then King George Military School). He has also been an IPS of Kerala cadre. He was asked by the country’s third National Security Adviser M.K. Singh. Narayanan had given intelligence training.

Two girls of GCA

who were administered swimming, have already brightened the name of the country and the world in swimming. Reema Datta performed brilliantly in several competitions including Bangkok Asian Games. He was awarded the Arjuna Award in 1967. Similarly, Blossom Bhargava has brightened the country’s name in swimming. He was conferred with Arjuna Award in 1974. In basketball, Ajmer is named Namchina basketball player Jorawar Singh, Ajmer Singh, Hanuman Singh, Paramjit Singh, alumni of GCA of Ajmer. Ajmer Foundation day He has represented India in several Asian Games including Los Angeles, Moscow Olympics. Ajmer was considered to be a basketball stronghold. Similarly, Dr. Atul Dubey, Dhanraj Chaudhary, Dr. Asghar Ali, and others have also earned their names in the sports umpires and training.

The NDA was also the principal of JTM Gibson (Jack) Mayo College, the first principal of
the Gibson National Defence Academy, Kharghvasla, who came to Ajmer. General S.F., who was chief of the army in the 90s, was the chief of the army. Ajmer Foundation day Admiral L. Ramdas, chief of the Rodrigues, and Air Chief Marshal S.K. Kaul came to Ajmer. For the first time, the three army chiefs had reached another city outside Delhi.

The steam engine

Ajmer Foundation day given to the country was the country’s first steam locomotive (F 1734) prepared at the loco factory in Ajmer. The team of British engineers made it. It operated on the Ahmedabad-Delhi-Indore route till 1938. Ajmer Foundation day The Phil Rail The museum is preserved in Delhi.