Urs Festival Celebration in Ajmer

Urs Festival, Ajmer

Urs Festival, Ajmer Normally held in the long stretch of May and June, the Urs Festival is one of the real celebrations celebrated at the adored Ajmer Sharif Dargah. Swarms of explorers travel to this town, situated toward the West of Jaipur to visit this blessed holy place. The Urs Festival recognizes the demise commemoration … Read more

God For Harmony

The dargah of Moinuddin Chishti (Gharib Nawaz – Advocate of Poor people), is a universal waqf, Islamic mortmain overseen by the Dargah Khwaja Saheb Act, 1955 of the Administration of India. Ajmer Sharif Dargah is additionally known by the name of Dargah Sharif, Khawaja Gharibnawaz Dargah Ajmer, Ajmer Dargah, Ajmer Sharif. It is the most … Read more

Fortification Of Taragarh


Taragarh Fortress : Taragarh Fortress or Star Post is the greatest of structures of the city of Ajmer in the Indian province of Rajasthan. A fairly unsteady post, with its congested vegetation, was developed in 1354 upon a lofty slope and worked under the rule of Ruler Ajaypal Chauhan. There are three portals to the … Read more

The Ajmer Jain sanctuary called Soniji Ki Nasiyan

Jain sanctuary of The Ajmer : The Ajmer Jain sanctuary, otherwise called Soniji Ki Nasiyan, is a structurally rich Jain sanctuary. It was worked in the late nineteenth century. The fundamental chamber, known as the Swarna Nagari “City of Gold”, has a few gold-plated wooden figures, portraying a few figures in the Jain religion. This … Read more

The Historical backdrop of Pushkar

The Historical backdrop of Pushkar : This history is found in the Padma Purana, Srstikhanda, Section 17: When Ruler Brahma came to realize that an evil spirit, Vajranash, was slaughtering individuals here so Master Brahma articulated a mantra on a lotus bloom and murdered the devil. Amid this procedure, the pieces of the blossom fell … Read more

Prestigious City Of Tonk

The city of Tonk : Tonk is one of the very many prestigious locales of Rajasthan. The city of Tonk is the managerial central station of the region. It is arranged close to the correct bank of Banas, only 60 miles by street south from Jaipur. Tonk was additionally the capital of the eponymous royal … Read more

Akbar’s Royal residence Ajmer – Historical Center

Akbar’s Royal residence Ajmer : At a separation of 1 km from Ajmer Intersection Railroad Station and 1.5 km from Ajmer Dargah Sharif, Akbar’s Royal residence and Exhibition hall is an antiquated bastion arranged in Ajmer town of Rajasthan. Akbar’s Castle was worked in 1570 Promotion by the incomparable Mughal Sovereign Akbar. It was worked … Read more

Adhai Commotion Ka Jhonpra

Rajasthan, India. It was dispatched by Qutb-ud-Racket Aibak, on requests of Muhammad Ghori, in 1192 CE. It was finished in 1199 CE and further decorated by Iltutmish of Delhi in 1213 CE. The mosque was built on the remaining parts of a Sanskrit school, with materials from crushed Hindu and Jain sanctuaries. It is one … Read more