India offers visitors the most wonderful, beautiful, and incredible moments which is worth it. So here we would discuss “Beautiful Rajasthan”.
Rajasthan “the Rajputana state”, is all known for its traditional and artistic culture. As we all know that Rajasthan is the biggest state of India of all. According to the census 2011 of India, the population of Rajasthan is 68,548,437, which is gradually increasing, and no doubt in that. This is the state which is vibrant, home of deserts, most touristed place, following its traditional and artistic culture.
A thought comes to mind when we start planning for trips and tours that “where to go?”.
People usually like to explore places that contain history, beautiful nature and lots of cultural and traditional activities. Rajasthan is a colorful mixture of massive forts, wonderful places, diverse culture.
Here are some of the interesting facts why Rajasthan is incredible.
* Most of us don’t know about the meaning behind the state named Rajasthan. On dividing the name into Half, i.e. Raj & Sthan, it means the Land of Rajputs
* Rajasthan is the only state that is called the home of the desert. Almost 60% or more, of a desert, lies in Rajasthan. One of the largest deserts, the THAR DESERT lies in Rajasthan.
* Mount Abu is the only Hill Station that is located above 1722 meters above sea level situated on the highest point of the Aravali range which is home to waterfalls, lakes, and green forests.
* Almost everybody knows Jaipur is called Pink City. People have thought “Why is it called Pink city?” who doesn’t familiar with the historical facts. A visitor after visiting can actually know the thinking behind the name.
* Almost 25 wildlife sanctuaries & 4 national parks are there in Rajasthan.
* A city of Rajasthan named Udaipur, known as City Of Lakes or Kashmir Of Rajasthan.
And many more facts to know about Rajasthan like almost every city of Rajasthan have a color code viz Jaipur the pink city, jodhpur contains blue, etc.