The Blue City – Jodhpur

Rajasthani Tadka
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JODHPUR:  Jodhpur, which we also know as SUN CITY, is the second largest city in Rajasthan state. In the historic times of Jodhpur, the Rajwada was the capital of Marwar. The city of Jodhpur also known as Blue Nagari, because the Mehranghar Fort is surrounded by the name of the blue town due to thousands of houses. Jodhpur city was ranked first in the year 2014 on the list of the Most Extra Ordinary Palaces of The World. Jodhpur, also known as Blue or Sun Nagari, is identified by the palaces and houses of Chitar in the house and the clothes of people here. Excellent handicraft folk dances, music, and festive people lay in the colorful surrounding in the city.  The street of the city is surrounded by clogged circular tracks. Looking at the people wearing artificially colored cloths, it seems that the city’s lifestyle is exceptionally hypnotic. Wearing worn by women, and colorful tires worn by men spread more colors in the city. Usually wearing the worn shield and somebody, horse riding pants Jodhpuri found the name from this. Jodhpuri coat of Jodhpur is famous in all over India.  The area of Jodhpur city education is also very forward, due to which students come from far away.  Looking at the rich collection of handicrafts in the city, shopping in Jodhpur markets is an exciting experience. The main attraction in the city is Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Ummaid Bhawan Palace, Sardar  Market, State Museum, Arna Falls Water Gallery, Balsamand Lake etc.

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