Banke Bihari Temple Bharatpur is to be considered by one of the famous temples in the state of Uttar Pradesh in which during the holiest place in which the Vrindavan and that should be that the temple is Shri Banke Bihari Mandir, and this temple established the Swami Haridas that was a very famous guru and singer, Tansen shelter the image to the lord Krishna at the “Tribhanga” posture. and this temple was constructed in 1864 and to her worship to mention.

All the Lord Krishna temple and that should be the called at the lord Krishna childhood name was the “Nand Gopala” and his situated to close proximately of the Radha-Bhalla temple and Banke Bihari temple Bharatpur and to be the constitution of among the 7 temples in the thakur of the Vrindavan is to be the Vrindavan bake. and that should be translated into the formation of the Banke Bihari temple Bharatpur and therefore to be the images is went to be the seen by the lord Krishna and that will be considered by the three places.

Banke Bihari Temple Bharatpur Best Visit To Time

banke Bihari Temple Bhartpur

Lord Krishna temple paramount saints and to be the musician is to be the formation that should to the consolidate in virtually during the path of the Haridas Swamiji has not only nurtured to be the great talents to be the tanseen but was not also in which considered in which meant to be the females and her friends of the lord Krishna that should be the form in which containg the forming due to the load Krishna temple is a very huge temple and very peaceful places within the counting that will be seen all the tourists are coming into the temple.

In which the also name was the Khunj-Bihari-Temple and that should be the image was the Bihariji installed was the Shri Banke Bihari Temple Bharatpur is considered to be one grat the swami Haridas by the cupule of the Shyam Shyam that would be the appearance from the console and that whenever to be the divine and the left-back charming and that should be the disappearing and that submitting desire should be the devotees.

History Of Banke Bihari Temple Bharatpur 

banke Bihari Temple Bhartpur

The Banke Bihari Temple in Bharatpur that should be the formation of the Haridas is to be the seva of Bihari Ji and that should be the unique in its own in with there and to be the Srinagar and must have to the rajbhog of the Shayan.

And that the first part of the Srinagar in which includes the (Bath and dressing in the aournament with like the crown and their nackles) and taken the places during the morning and that should be the rajbhog (feast). And is offered in the afternoon and with their shyan seva (means Sleep) after the evening.

The Best Time To Vist in Banke Bihari Temple Bharatpur

Monsoons have been the best time visit to the Banke Bihari Ji temple in Bharatpur that should be very peaceful at the temple at this time.

Summer & Winter Timing In Banke Bihari Temple Bharatpur

 (Summer Visiting Time)-After Holi 

(Morning) Darshan – 7:45 AM to 12 PM

Arti With Shringar – 8 AM

Arti With Rajbhog -12 PM

(Evening) Darshan -5:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Arti Shayan – 9:30 PM

(Winter Visiting Time)-AfterDiwali

(Morning) Darshan – 8:45 AM to 1 PM

Arti With Shringar – 9 AM

Arti With Rajbhog – 1 PM

(Evening) Darshan -4:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Arti Shayan – 8:30 PM