Terms And Condition

1. rajasthanitadka.com associates brands with bloggers and online influencers (thusly alluded to as bloggers). Choice of the bloggers is at the sole caution of the brand as a team with rajasthanitadka.com and will be conclusive.
2. The blogger should be 18 years old or more seasoned.
3. Bloggers enrolled on rajasthanitadka.com will be displayed to brands for possible missions.
4. The blogger will guarantee that no post or activity via online media influences the brand contrarily. Any such penetrate will void the understanding and the blogger will be obligated for suitable pay to the brand.
5. The blogger ought to pass on a mission by their manager, boss’ rival, or any mission, which the individual has direct interest or struggle in.
6. The blogger on enlistment should share precise data about his blog and web-based media presence and their traffic. Any distortion will void any concurrence with rajasthanitadka.com
7. Installment to the blogger will be made after:
I) The blog and online media content has been taking life by the blogger and is endorsed by rajasthanitadka.com recorded as a hard copy.
II) Analytics are shared inside a multi-week of taking the post live indicating the foothold. ‘
In case the blog isn’t affirmed in any way, shape, or form by the brand or rajasthanitadka.com, the blogger will be told to bring the blog down and no installment will be expected from rajasthanitadka.com to the blogger.
8. Installment will be made inside about a month from the time the rajasthanitadka.com gets the investigation from the blogger.
9. All charges as material by the blogger will be the sole duty of the blogger. Assessment Deducted at Source (TDS), where appropriate will be deducted by rajasthanitadka.com. For installments over as far as possible, Pan Card subtleties would be shared as needed preceding the installment.
10. Installment will be made either through bank move when bank subtleties are shared alongside ID evidence or through web-based shopping vouchers (for example Amazon, Flipkart) as settled by common agreement preceding the post being taken live.
11. The blogger consents to not request any mission legitimately by the brand. If the blogger requests crusades, the blogger record will be deactivated and not qualified for any future missions.
12. If there should be an occurrence of any grievances or solicitations, email to rajasthanitadka.com
13. The commitment to the blogger is done following some basic honesty. Any control of information shared (traffic, reach) physically or through bots would void any concurrence with rajasthanitadka.com and no installments will be made.
14. Divulgence: All advancements and web journals boosted in real money or any case ought to unmistakably refer to “Supported in a joint effort with Influencer. in” or “Promotion in work together with rajasthanitadka.com” in the blog and web-based media posts.
15. In the event of any contest, questions will be under the locale of the High Court of Jaipur, not thinking about the area of the blogger or brand.
16. The terms and conditions can be refreshed at the sole circumspection of rajasthanitadka.com

For Brands :

rajasthanitadka.com is a stage empowering brands to draw in with rajasthanitadka.com and bloggers across India. A brand can dispatch a mission on Influencer in the wake of paying the fitting administration charge. A brand dispatching mission consents to the beneath terms and condition:
1. The Brand will give exact data about the items and administrations before dispatching the mission.
2. The Brand attempts to make the installment of the settled upon motivator to the blogger after shortlisting the blogger for commitment.
3. The blogger impetus will be paid out to the blogger by rajasthanitadka.com on the culmination of the commitment.
4. If there should arise an occurrence of any question, rajasthanitadka.com holds the option to pay the blogger in the interest of the brand if it considers that the blogger has finished their commitment in its entirety.
5. The Brand won’t distort any data given to the blogger or rajasthanitadka.com
6. All material charges are to be paid by the brand.