An ISD coach, Aaron Michael Marshall, was arrested in charge of $exual abuse

Aaron Michael Marshall was a teacher and a coach, and it is coming to the notice that the former is arrested in charge of $exual abuse of a child. It is believed that he was a Hughes Springs ISD coach. On Wednesday, a statement was released by Hughes Springs ISD in regards to his arrest on charges of $exual abuse of a child. The first charge on him was of a Continuous $exual abuse of a child, Second of the Bigamy, thirdly of $exual assault of a child, and a fourth of Indecency with a child by contact. On Wednesday evening, a statement was released by Superintendent Sarah Dildineand the HSISD Board of Trustees that the alleged victim is not a Hughes Springs ISD student. It is also coming to the reports that the man exploits girls for around ten years.

When did Aaron Michael Marshall start his employment?

According to a statement, Aaron Michael Marshall started his employment in August 2021 with Hughes Springs ISD. A criminal background check was also performed in the district, where his name was checked against the Texas Education Agency, which does not hire any registry. They checked his word and did not find any irregularities in that.

Aaron Michael Marshall was an assistant coach for the Hughes Springs Lady Mustangs volleyball team. And various charges accused on him which are mentioned in the above wordings. The district also said that teh Marshall’s victim was not a student in HSISD. Currently, Aaron Michael Marshall is on administrative leave. The investigation is now in the hands of the Cass County District Attorney’s office.

Where was Aaron Michael Marshall formerly employed?

According to a report from Aaron Michael Marshall’s public social media postings, he was formerly employed by Hooks ISD, Winona ISD, Bloomberg ISD, Jefferson ISD, and Karnack ISD.

The incident of this $exual abuse of a child by Aaron Michael Marshall has not been released by the school for some privacy reasons, and the school’s identity was not released. CBS adds to the reports that the incident has been shared with the school administration and the parents.

After the shameless act of Aaron Michael Marshall, the school has suspended him from the school itself for the time being. Also, the authorities are investigating this matter very keenly to don’t miss out on any point they need to know.

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